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Start a New Career Today as a Professional Alternative Therapist

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Holistic & Complimentary Therapy Training Courses

Start a New Career Today as a Professional Alternative Therapist  – Save over 50% off all courses with our Career Packages

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online training courses

Welcome to our professional training academy. We are number one for professional online healing courses. With a wide choice of holistic, spiritual and alternative therapy courses on hand for you today, regardless if these holistic subjects are new to you or you are already working and practising as a professional holistic or complementary therapist and you now wish to expand your treatments.

Can I use what I learn in my private coaching, teaching, healing practices? –  Yes most certainly

A great choice of Complimentary therapy courses

Luna Holistics offers many courses covering healing modules such as crystal healing, reiki and energy healing including Angel therapy and colour therapy plus a selection of counselling courses and for the more spiritual minded of you then we also offer courses in tarot, palmistry, astrology and psychic development.

We also offer Easy Payment Options on our career packages.

Starting a new Career

If you have been considering a new career as a therapist then you have found the right place. Our training school will enable you to gain a fully recognised and insurable qualification so that you can reach your dream to work as a professional practitioner.

Tutor support included

When you choose to study any of our courses you will always have full access to 24hr tutor support and our student video library for further helpful tips and advise.

Even if you just want to learn for fun then our courses are easy to follow and for the majority  no previous experience is needed to study with us.

Quality Accreditation & Qualifications

When you successfully pass any of our online courses you will be issued with a qualification that is recongnised by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT).

Counselling Courses

For students studying our counselling courses further accreditation is offered by the Professional Body for Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Clinical Hypnotherapists (ACCPH). As one of our graduates you are then eligible to apply to be a board certified practitioner with any of the above and request the necessary insurance cover.

Easy payment options – You can enrol on your chosen course and download immediately today by paying in one sum, or you can enrol on any of our career package options via instalments to help spread the cost.

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When our students have completed their exams we have a short feedback request form and this helps us to keep in touch and continue to improve our services. Below are just a few of our latest testimonials from our students.

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Colour Therapy

Anyone who wants to work in Holistic Health and Modalities needs to start with Luna Holistic. Each course is presented as part of a whole and they all work together. The beauty is you can mix them up (as opposed to taking a set curriculum) and tailor them to your specialty. As a Professional Organizer, I now have the benefit of offering Colour Therapy my latest course. I will be taking more courses in the future!


Indian Head Massage

I found this course very easy and informative. I work in a hair salon and constantly give head massages to finish off after shampooing. Clients have told me that I have good hands and should take a course doing head massages. I searched the internet and found this course site. Since taking this course my head massages have become better and better. I am very pleased with this course and will definitely be looking into taking up more courses.


Chakra & Aura Therapy

The study materials are engaging, enlightening and comprehensive— especially easy to retain the information. The staff is thoughtful and helpful.

Diana Dorantes – USA

Feng Shui

I really have enjoyed taken the Feng Shui course. It is easy to follow and I found it to be very helpful in understanding Feng Shui.
Feng Shui is fun and exciting in creating positive balance into your own living space. Taken the Feng Shui course has helped change my life and I will continue to use it.

Tammy Babineau - Canada


I am so pleased to have found this course. I have benefited so much with the courses that I have taken and have had much success with them.  I find that they are thorough and the courses are very extensive. They certainly want me to only increase my knowledge the way the courses are offered and the arrangements that they make for payment.  I will more than likely expect to continue to increase my field with the knowledge that they offer.

Carol Petrucci - USA

Psychic & Spiritual Development

I was pleasantly surprised at how thorough and diverse the psychic development course was.  I think this course gives you a great foundation in understanding before moving onto other courses and would definitely recommend it to anyone, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are.

Karen Humphries – Isle of Wight

Crystal Healing

I have really enjoyed this crystal healing course. It has been very interesting and enjoyable and I am looking forward to the Colour and Aromatherapy courses I am about to embark on.  I would highly recommend Luna.

Sally Gunn – South Lanarkshire – Scotland


I have been reading tarot cards for many years but this course provided me with a much deeper understanding and an opportunity to evidence this. I would definitely recommend this course, no matter how confident you feel.

Karen Humpries – Isle of Wight

Crystal Healing

Very informative and thorough. Excellently written and really well layed out.
Covers all aspects of crystal healing.Full of interest and knowledge.
Ideal for the wannabee crystal Therapist!
Many thanks xx


Animal Healing

I absolutely LOVE Luna Holistics. All of their certification courses are full of valuable information for the student.
I highly recommend that anyone who wants to learn take a Luna Holistics course.

Michelle Fields – USA

Life Coaching    

I enjoyed this course of Life Coaching a new way of helping clients help themselves. Neither a therapy nor counselling a great way to get clients to look at the big picture have tools and empower themselves to have a wonderful future. The course was well thought out and I learned a lot about myself in the process of learning. Thank you.

Mary Gates – USA