Advanced Aromatherapy Course

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Advanced Aromatherapy Course

Advanced Aromatherapy - Diploma Level

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Includes a certificate of completion with option to gain an accredited insurable qualification which is included. As with all our courses you will find this easy to follow and fun to learn.

This course if for students who have already understaken the beginners guide to aromatherapy or already have a sound knowledge of the basics and now wish to continue to advanced level. Learn the science of aromatherapy and essential oils including the science of plants. You will learn an easy to follow step by step treatment for your clients and how to set up your own aromatherapy business. As this is an advanced level course you shoud already have a good understanding of basic massage techniques so enable you to proceed with the more complex massages shown in this course. 

When you purchase this course you have access to the following:

  • Pdf Introduction letter 
  • Access to student dashboard
  • Pdf course files ready for immediate download
  • Pdf certificate of completion with option to gain an accredited insurable qualification included
  • Link to student video library & contact details for tutor support
  • Career opportunities: Work self-employed or in a Holistic Center as an approved – Aromatherapy Therapist/Healer/Consultant – Professional Holistic Therapist – Complementary Practitioner – Holistic Healer

Exam & Accreditation InformationExam & Accreditation Information
If you opt to take the exam which is included and on successful completion, you will then be issued with a recognised qualification approved & accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) & other awarding bodies. Graduates of which will then be eligible to apply to be Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioners. 


I found this course to be really enjoyable. My family and friends have certainly felt the benefit and have been booking in advance for me to get some practice in. The material is very thorough and educational. I have really enjoyed this course and look forward to the advanced one also. I can’t recommend it highly enough.  Natalie Parr - UK

Advanced Aromatherapy Course

Course Details

  • Advanced Level Diploma Level Course
  • Self Paced – Study From Home – No Attendance Required
  • Easy To Follow and Fun To Learn
  • Full Tutor Support Offered – Access To Student Video Library
  • Internationally Accredited awarded IPHM, AADP -Equivalent 60 cpd points
  • Download Now for Immediate Start 

Course Content

Part 1 

Lesson 1

  •   Learn the origins of Aromatherapy and Essential Oils
  •   History and background of aromatherapy
  •   How aromatherapy is used in current times
  •   Understanding aromatherapy as a healing art

Lesson 2

  •   The Science of Aromatherapy and Essential Oils
  •   Chemistry basics and that of  essential oils
  •   Essential oils containing high amounts of ketones

Lesson 3

  •   The Science of Plants & the basic chemical make up of essential oils
  •   Anatomy of plants and Metabolism
  •   Plant Classification
  •   Plant Aromatics  and photosynthesis and transpiration
  •   Oil-producing structures

Part 2

Lesson 4

  •   Anatomy and Physiology
  •   Restore and heal the body on all levels
  •   Body Systems, Cells and Tissues
  •   Skin structure

Lesson 5

  •   Understanding how and when Essential Oils Enter the Body
  •   Ingestion Olfaction Absorption
  •   The Musculoskeletal System
  •   The use and application of Expectorants
  •   The Circulatory System

Lesson 6

  •   The lymphatic,  immune and the Endocrine System
  •   The Digestive System
  •   Oil Sources
  •   Extraction Methods
  •   Buying Oils
  •   Carrier Oils
  •   Blending Oils

Part 3

Lesson 7

  •   Aromatherapy Massage
  •   How Massage Works
  •   Types of Massage
  •   Providing a Massage
  •   Precautions and Contraindications
  •   Step by Step Treatment
  •   Evaluation and Aftercare
  •   Home Treatments

Lesson 8

  •   Aromatherapy for Special Conditions Pregnancy and Childbirth
  •   Treating Babies and Children
  •   Helping those with Mental Difficulties
  •   Alleviating Stress
  •   Aromatherapy for the Elderly Aromatherapy and Cancer

Lesson 9

  •   How to Become a Successful Aromatherapist
  •   Going into Practice
  •   Setting up your Own Clinic
  •   Advertising and Promotion
  •   Maintaining Professional Standards

Part 4 

  •   Aromatherapy for Special Conditions eg:
  •   Pregnancy,  Babies and Children
  •   Working with the elderly
  •   Cancer Patients
  •   Providing stress relief and how stress effects the body
  •   Setting up your own aromatherapy business & guide
  •   Directory of Essential Oils

Study Hours – 168 hrs. – Please note that study hours shown here can only be an approximate guide as this can highly depend on how much time you personally have and can dedicate to your studies, plus how well you grasp the learning concepts of the  Advanced Aromatherapy Diploma Course.

Exam & Accreditation Information
Accredited by International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) & other awarding bodies. By completing this course and passing the final exam you will then be invited to join IPHM as an internationally recognised practitoner and have the option to obtain discounted insurance and use the letters IPHM after your name. 

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