Reiki 1 Dr Usui course

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Reiki 1 Dr Usui course

A Beginners Guide To Reiki

Includes a certificate of completion with option to gain an accredited insurable qualification. As with all our courses you will find this easy to follow and fun to learn.

Reiki is not a religion it does not matter what your spiritual or religious beliefs are. Anyone can learn to connect to Reiki Energy. Reiki healers can quite often be found in hospitals/care homes/hospices etc. It has a powerful and amazing effects on those who receive reiki energy. This is a Reiki Level 1 course with Dr Usui teachings. Once you have completed Reiki 1 you may then proceed to Reiki  Level 2 to learn the secret symbols for distance healing. 

When you purchase this course you have access to the following:

  • PDF Introduction letter 
  • PDF course files ready for immediate download
  • PDF certificate of completion with option to gain an accredited insurable qualification.
  • Link to student video library for online attunements & contact details for tutor support

Exam & Accreditation Information
If you opt to take the exam, on successful completion, you will then be issued with a recognised qualification approved & accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) & other awarding bodies. Graduates of which will then be eligible to apply to be Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioners. 


“This full course was brilliant and so informative! Learning the special techniques and correct hand placements was so easy to follow. I throroughly recommend this course to anyone interested in natural healing and having ability to help others is always available and literally at the tip of your own fingers and hands.  Olivia Johnson - UK

Reiki 1 Dr Usui course

Course Details

  • Beginners Guide To Reiki healing - Certificate Course
  • Self Paced – Study From Home – No Attendance Required
  • Easy To Follow and Fun To Learn
  • Full Tutor Support Offered – Access To Student Video Library
  • Accredited by IPHM, IICT, AADP
  • Download Now for Immediate Start 

Course Content

Part 1

Introduction to Reiki
Reiki – The Meaning 
The History Of Reiki 
Dr. Mikao Usui – 1865 –1926 6
Ethical Principals Of Reiki 
How Does Reiki Work? 
Preparing For Reiki 
Safety Tips 
Giving Reiki 
Treating Yourself With Reiki 
Our Bodies 
Our Organs 
Our Endocrine Glands 
Our Chakras 
Base/Root Chakra 
Sexual/Spleen /Sacral Chakra 
Solar Plexus Chakra 
Heart Chakra 
Throat Chakra 
Third Eye 
Crown Chakra

Part 2

Our Hands (Scattered fingers means scattered energy
Tools to enhance our life – Kanji hand positions 
Kanji 1 
Kanji 2 
Kanji 3 
Healing Hands 
Grounding Exercises 
The Heart of the Earth 
Reiki Treatment 
Using Reiki on others 
Treating Your Client With Reiki 
Treating Specific Areas 
Energy Not Flowing 
Reiki Hand Positions 
Self Treatment Hand Positions 
Treating Yourself With Reiki (Head) 
Treating Yourself With Reiki (Body) 
Treating Yourself With Reiki (back) 
Giving Reiki To Others - Head 
Giving Reiki To Others – Body


Exam & Accreditation Information
Accredited by International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) & other awarding bodies. By completing this course and passing the final exam you will then be invited to join IPHM as an internationally recognised practitoner and have the option to obtain discounted insurance and use the letters IPHM after your name. 

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