Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered together some of the most frequently asked questions on this page. If you have a question that's not answered here, please don't hesitate to email your question to

How long will it take me to complete my course?

Study hours vary depending on the type of course and whether you are wishing to study for a qualifiication. As a guideline we would suggest between 20-45 hrs for basic level courses and 80 and 160 hrs for advanced levels. Should you wish to undertake an exam and receive a qualfication then study time will increase due to time required to undergo cases studies. Once you have purchased your course you can work at your own pace at a time to suit you. Your course files are valid for up to 3 years from date of purchase.

Is tutor support included?

Support is included for those who have purchased our package options only. All Luna courses are self-explanatory and easy to follow, however, we do realise that sometimes you may need that extra bit of support. With this in mind we include free tutor support option for those who have purchaed any of our career packages.  To access this you simply email us your question or query regarding your study material and you will receive a response via email within 48hrs. 

What is the student library and how do I access this?

Our student library can be accessed free by all students via a link that you will receive with your course work. This is an extra tool to help you access further helpful advise and tips and videos on your chosen subject.

Are Luna Courses Accredited?

Yes, all our courses have been fully approved and accredited by the IPHM ( The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) If you have chosen a career package option and have received your qualification you will be able to show this to IPHM as proof of your suitability to join. You may then subscribe to IPHM and will be awarded professional internationally recognised practitioner status. You may also be elgible for discounted insurance.  

My courses files are in a zip folder and I am unable to open them?

We recommend that you download adobe reader or Winzip if you have not already done so to allow you to open your zip files, however we are happy to send them to you unzipped on request. 

How do I apply for professional therapist status?

Once you have completed any course exams successfully may then join IPHM. Once you have applied and subscribed you will be awarded an IPHM accreditation certificate, membership id badge, proving your status as an approved therapist and will be eligibe to use the letters IPHM after your name and use their logos. If you hold qualfications from another training provider you are also welcome to apply for membership at

What is a Certificate of Completion?

If you have purchased a single course you will find included the option to download a certificate of completion. Please note this is not a qualification and is not recognised by any awarding bodies. If wishing to receive recognised accredited and insurable qualification then you can purchase the exam option and will find details of this in your dashboard.

Why is there no certificate of completion included in the package options?

All career package options include the exam files so you can gain a fully accredtied and insurable qualification instead.

If I submit an exam how long does it take to get my results?

 All exams are marked by an independent examiner so please allow 7 days for your results although they often arrive a lot sooner. You can check your student dashboard for your results. Once you have passed your exam you can then download your recognised accredtied qualification immediately.

Can I practice my therapy as a professional practitioner once I have passed my exam?

Yes you can. Your qualificaiton will be recognised for accreditation and insurance purposes by one of the largest international accreditation boards worldwide. The IPHM (international practitioners of holistic medicine) 

Luna students who have qualified will be accepted on completion of their application to IPHM.

You will then also receive an IPHM accredited members certificate. You may advertise and promote any special offers or promotions you run on a monthly basis free on their events page. IPHM therapists are recognised worldwide and your Luna qualification is your gateway to get IPHM certified and receive exclusive use of their trustmark. 

Do I have to complete an exam once I have finished the course?

No. Unless you want to work as a professional therapist then you do not need to take an exam. You may however download a certificate of completion free of charge. 

How much is the exam?

You have the option to purchase any course exam for £30. If you have selected any of our career package options then all exams are included.