//Diploma in Teaching Yoga

Diploma in Teaching Yoga

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Yoga Teaching Course – Ideal for anyone with yoga experience but would now like to learn to teach yoga and benefit from running their own yoga classes.

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Accredited Yoga Training
A course in Freedom Yoga for Continued Professional Development, suitable for everyone who already incorporates yoga into their daily lives, existing teachers and practitioners in yoga or similar fields or for those with a curiosity, maybe exploring the idea of being more creative in practice and teaching.

This exciting course empowers students and teachers to learn to listen to their own inner wisdom in their practice and teaching. To observe and grow, taking ownership of your moving meditation journey. Included are suggested sequences and ways of bringing freedom into the body as well as the mind and soul. Liberating and joyful, this course will bring you to yoga with fresh eyes, encouraging you to step in new directions as well as find fresh life within habits and structures.

What is Yoga Freedom?

Yoga Freedom is an approach to yoga which allows for your own inner wisdom to guide you. This is a course for existing yoga practitioners to expand the way they both practice and teach, to enable an empowered approach to movement, incorporating a physical, mental, emotional and soul connection.

Become a professional yoga teacher
Develop all the necessary knowledge and skills that will help you to guide your students in the field of Yoga.Your qualification will then show that you have the necessary credentials and ability to make a real difference in this area.

The course includes modules such as:

• A Yoga journey

• Freedom in Breathwork

• Yoga Freedom Suggested Posture and Sequences

• How to incorporate Yoga Freedom into existing teaching, use on its own, combine with other holistic work and use in the community

• Empowerment, Energy and Wellbeing

• Wellbeing

• Harnessing Creativity

• Meditation
Approx study time 40-60hrs

Yoga freedom encourages you to use your personality, your creativity, your joy and your overall spirit to tune into the inner teacher and allow yourself to flourish, with no negative judgement!

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“I found this is an excellent course for all Yoga stages, whether you are a beginner or already a teacher, it is an excellent source of knowledge”. Kris Barnes – Canada