Basic First Aid Training

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First Aid course via home study learning. All health and social care workers should be “first aid aware” (legally different to being a “first aider”). This course is ideal for first aid awareness training, use as a refresher course and Ideal for anyone whom is a practising therapist or healer. Exam is included and once successfully completed you will be awarded a fully Luna Certified IPHM accredited First Aid Certificate.

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Accredited Online First Aid Course – Certificate 
This basic first aid training course is ideal for anyone whom would like a refresher or works with the public or is a therapist. We recommend that you learn the first aid and  this course is will offer you the basic and general knowledge required.

In this course we cover all the basics including CPR and you can also watch our helpful videos via our student library. Although this is a basic refresher course you will receive your accredited first aid certificate. Some of things in this course cover:-

  • How to initiate and put someone in the recovery position
  • How to handle a person whom is suffering from shock
  • How to carry out CPR on both adults and children
  • How to deal with someone undergoing breathing difficulties
  • Treating Burns and Insect bites
  • What to do if someone is suffering from a heart attack
  • How to handle someone choking or having an allergic reaction
  • How to control severe bleeding
  • Dealing with a spinal injury
  • How to cope with someone whom suffers from Diabetes
  • Dealing with a Nose Bleed

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To obtain your accredited First Aid Certificate there will be a short exam which is included.

Accreditation – You will be awarded an accredited Luna Holistics Certificate on successful completion.


“Great little course. Exactly what I needed to add to my CV. Love the video library also which shows you how to do CPR. Thank you.”
Alice Simone- UK


Although this is only a short course I found it full of helpful information and its  great to know that I now hold an accredited certificate in First aid awareness. I work as a self-employed therapist and now feel more confident should any unexpected emergency arise.   L Cooke – UK