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Cupping Therapy and How it works

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Cupping Therapy Case study Learn how cupping therapy works Initial Client Consultation - Client presenting with constant dull ache in right shoulder. Prior to session I had the client (currently under my care for holistic lifestyle coaching) fill out a health appraisal questionnaire (HAQ) which detailed any previous injury, treatments received, significant stressors – past & present as well as a nutritional overview. Emotional Factors for cupping requirements - Client’s

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How to use reflexology for stress relief & weight loss

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Reflexology case study How to use reflexology to help with stress and weight loss My client sat in a chair and I gave him some quartz water to drink while he was relaxing I made up a warm foot-bath and soaked his feet. Within the water were some clear quartz crystals, rose quartz, for self-love and for replacing negative energy with positive energy and citrine for

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Aromatherapy Massage and benefits

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Case study of Aromatherapy Massage and the benefits This is a genuine case study from one of our students whom is practising to become a professional certified therapist.  All our students once they have completed their course work and exams are eligible to join the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine if wishing to work as a professional therapist. Home visit – My client called me to book an appointment for

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Reflexology Case Study

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Reflexology Case study example Client is a 28 year old female; she is married with a 2 year old child.  Her husband works on the Oil rigs and is away a great deal of the time.  Myclient runs an internet business and works from home, also taking care of her daughter full time as she does not go to any nursery at this time. She is overweight and a member

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Aromatherapy and Massage

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Massage & Essential Oils Find what the benefits of having an aromatherapy massage and the best oils to use   A massage can definitely work out the kinks and knots that you develop by working out, through stress, or even during sleep on a poor quality mattress.  A massage is also a wonderful way to ease the stress and strain of a busy week.  There are times when we aren’t actually

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What is Reflexology Good For?

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Benefits of Reflexology Discover some amazing benefits of having a reflexology treatment Reflexology is an ancient practise; in use for thousands of years, that involves applying pressure on areas of the hands, feet or even ears to help treat conditions in other areas of the body. Both Egyptians and the Chinese have texts describing the methods and for what conditions, along with the benefits it produces, especially when practised regularly.  Today

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Swedish full body Massage

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Swedish Massage for Male with stress relief Case study Example The Client has a very stressful job and relaxation and stress relief is one of the main reasons for requiring a Swedish Massage. He has also complained of tight shoulders, neck and Achilles tendon and knees on both her left and right side. Initial Consultation Advice is given about the benefits of a Swedish Massage and how this could help to

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Reflexology for Anxiety

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Reflexology consultation for anxiety Case study Example Details of treatment: HISTORY: Client is a married 37yr old female with 2 children. Currently working in the public sector.  Client states she suffers from anxiety, low blood pressure, and in November 2015 she was in a car accident and still suffers from neck pain and stiffness. Client states is currently working with her doctor and sees a Massage Therapist that has been recommended

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