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When is the Best time to drink water?

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Best time to drink water for your health Did you know that More than two-thirds of your body is water Water & Heart Attacks Although many people don't like to drink water before bedtime as they are worried it will have them up all night going to the loo. This is actually the best time to drink water to help avoid a night-time heart attack. 1 glass of water before

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Building a Crystal Healing Kit

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When you first start to work with crystals you will want to have a basic healing kit that you can add to overtime. It is advisable to try and collect a wide variety of tumbled stones, crystals and minerals. Below is an ideal starter kit. Ideal Starter Crystal Healing Kit  Aprox 12 small to medium clear quartz crystals 3 to 4 crystals each including Amethyst, Smoky Quartz and Citrine Massage

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Healing Power of Crystals

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Discover the Healing Power of Crystals In recent years, the healing power of crystals has become more and more popular for many different kinds of situations. There are hundreds of types of crystal healing processes to choose from, depending on the type of crystal healing you are looking for. The more common types of healing crystals used would be turquoise for all-round general goodness, amethyst for stress reduction, blue topaz

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