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Energy Healing 

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Types of Energy Healing Understand the different and vaired types of healing that come under the umbrella of Energy healing. All healing interactions, have three possible components and this includes orthodox medicine. PHYSICAL HEALING The first is a physical technique. Interacting with the physical body to encourage natural healing. For example,using a splint or plaster for a broken bone whilst waiting for it to set so that is may heal in the correct

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Reiki to Relieve Back Pain

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Self preparation - Reiki Case StudyI ground myself and use a Kanji 1 hand position to allow myself to receive guidance and allow energy to flow through my chakras, wash my hands to illuminate cross contamination and also to remove any negative energy.I have for a few years studied and practised different forms of holistic health therapies, Crystal healing, aromatherapy, Reflexology, massage.Depending on the clients needs, I would sometimes incorporate some

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Reiki Consultation

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Consultation My client is a 19 year old female who has been playing basketball since she was 5 years old. She works full time in retail and is currently supporting herself by herself after her mother passed away last year; all of this along with having to suddenly live on her own for the first time and put going to school on the backburner is what caused her to rate

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