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Case Study – Life Coaching

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Life Coaching Session Case Study Using Vak – Sun Dial and Steppa Jumping I started the session by thanking S.R. for coming along and taking part in a Case Study for Life Coach. Explaining Life Coaching identifies areas for change, brainstorm possibilities, look at removing obstacles, and identify a goal(s). An overview of paperwork involved was explained i.e. Treatment Card; – Health and Life area Assessment; VAK Exercise; Sun

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NLP Case study to alleviate stress

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Case study help Lower Blood Pressure and Alleviate Stress I was invited to Clients house for the NLP treatment. I arrived on time and she greeted me at the door and she wanted us to sit at her dining room table for note taking and talking. I met Client three years ago at a Crystal and Gem Show. I found her warm and strong in her energy and liked her immediately

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