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4th Chakra

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Colour: Green, pink and gold Element: Air Sense: Touch Symbols: 12 petalled lotus Associated Organs: Heart, upper back, lungs, thorax Associated Glands: Thymus gland which regulates growth and also controls the lymphatic system. Can also help with strengthening the immune system. Astrological signs and planets: Leo/Sun: Emotional warmth, generosity and sincerity Libra/Venus: Love, harmony, Contact Saturn: overcoming ego. Purpose and Function of 3rd Chakra This chakra is at the center of the entire

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Essential Crystals for Therapists

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Best Crystals for a healer? Your Guide to the top 7 healing stones   Crystal Therapists If you are a crystal healer then the chances are you have your own favourite crystals and stones to work with. There are  however some crystals that are recommended to be part of every therapists tool kit.  And the following crystals fall into this category and with good reason:-         No1 - Clear Quartz

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Psychic & Spiritual Case Study

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Psychic and Spiritual Case Study Learning to use psychic development techniques Having come into Spiritualism totally blind and unaware of what we all hold inside I was very surprised to be made aware of the capabilities that we all hold, having followed the exercises outlined in the course Psychic & Spiritual Development I began to practice on family and friends and as each exercise developed I

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Chakra and Aura Case study

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Chakra and Aura Consultation Details of  chakra treatment: Prior to Client’s treatment I washed my hands and then did an aura meditation to prepare myself. Breathing deeply and relaxing my mind and body. I imagined a cord of energy stretching deep down into the earth, connecting me with the earth. Once I made sure my energy was properly grounding. I released any unhealthy energies down through the cord to be transmuted