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Discover what the law of attraction is How to set intentions How to get the right mindset about money Attract more money now
72 Basalt and marble stones in zippered carrying bag (with Chinese calligraphy for Hot Stone Massage), Professional quality hot stone heater with maximum temperature safety control.
Understanding auras How to read an aura Aura colours and meanings Exercises to see auras Just for fun - Colour quiz to reveal your future
Learn how to make the best out of your Angel Cards Get answers to any questions Tap into divine guidance daily Discover how easy it is to do readings for yourself and others
These are the Tarot cards as recommended and used for the Luna Holistics Diploma Course in Professional Tarot reading. These cards are excellent for beginners or experienced tarot readers.
Massage table for therapists. Folding couch bed suitable for professionals involved in Beauty, Salon, Tatoo, Reiki, Healing, Swedish massage etc.
Tarot cards by by A.E. Waite and Colman Smith, Pamela. All Divided into the Major and Minor Arcanas so this complete deck of tarot is one of the most popular decks for tarot readers. 
Kyle Gray's Angel Cards are recommended whilst completing Luna Holistics Angel Therapy Course. This card deck helps you allow to tap into the wisdom and healing support from the angels in a positive and real way.
This is a professional Bach Flower Remedy Wooden Box Set. Includes all 38 different plant and flower essences that are covered in the Luna Holistics Accredited Bach Flower courses plus 2 x 20ml Rescue Remedy and 2x mixing bottles.
High quality essential oils kit. Perfect for any aromatherapist.

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