Reviews from our students who have completed their studies with us helps us to keep in touch and continue to improve our services. Below are just a few of our latest testimonials from our students and from Trustpilot



five stars

YOGA Teacher Training Course– This is an excellent course for all Yoga stages, whether you are a beginner or already a teacher, it is an excellent source of knowledge. Kris Barnes – Canada

I found Luna courses very informative, easy to use with a really supportive team. I’m very glad I’ve done them.  Amber – UK

Advanced Angel Therapy – I would just like to say that Luna’s online courses are so informative and anytime you need help during and even after you have taken a course the staff is available for you. Trish is an extraordinary person and very helpful in every way. Thank you Luna! – Lorraine Greene – NY USA

Indian Head Massage – I found the course very interesting and useful, To begin with I was a bit worried about doing it online rather than face to face but thanks to the easy guide and images, as well as the videos in the student library and by practising on family and friends I felt I had everything I needed and managed to complete the treatments with ease and understood all the steps. I would definitely recommend Luna courses they have been wonderful. Rebecca Warren – UK

Colour Therapy
Anyone who wants to work in Holistic Health and Modalities needs to start with Luna Holistic. Each course is presented as part of a whole and they all work together. The beauty is you can mix them up (as opposed to taking a set curriculum) and tailor them to your specialty. As a Professional Organizer, I now have the benefit of offering Colour Therapy my latest course. I will be taking more courses in the future!
Tammy A Mendenhall – USA

Indian Head Massage
I found this course very easy and informative. I work in a hair salon and constantly give head massages to finish off after shampooing. Clients have told me that I have good hands and should take a course doing head massages. I searched the internet and found this course site. Since taking this course my head massages have become better and better. I am very pleased with this course and will definitely be looking into taking up more courses.
Dannisha Zuill -Bermuda

Holistic Counselling
I am enjoying this on line course, Holistic Counselling that I am presently taking. There is a on line Library that I could access as well as ask for tutorial help, I look forward to taking more classes, and using the on line help!!! Thank you.
Mary E Gates – California – USA

Colour Therapy
Color Therapy is a fascinating subject and this course gives a good outline on the subject. It covers a wide variety of ways to use color to heal, restore balance and to make the lives of ourselves, our family and our clients better, happier, healthier and more productive.
Misty Laroque – USA

Indian Head Massage
I love the whole community at Luna Holistics. It is a very professional yes warm and friendly atmosphere to learn and the Facebook page is very handy and fun. I intend to take all of my courses with them and work as a therapist.
Phyllis Kentleton – Florida – USA

A wonderful chance to start my journey on a new career venture with LUNA Holistics.
Advice given on which course to take first.Easy to comprehend.Throughly recommended.
Kathryn May – Gloucestershire – UK

Indian Head Massage
I love this courses this is my 3rd course and im really enjoying them as i get to do it in my own time and without pressure of deadlines. Thank you for giving me this experience
Stephanie Tillbrook – Hertfordshire – UK

Angel Healing Foundation
The Luna materials are highly informative and sometimes profound in their content. They are easily read and understood. I felt very confident about my knowledge, skills and abilities, once I completed the course. I feel connected and inspired when I am performing a reading and so do my clients. Luna has given me confidence in my intuitive gifts. Namaste, Diana
Diana Dorantest – USA

Advanced Crystal Therapy
Very effective and useful study material
Vishrut Dilipbhai Pradhan – India

Crystal Magic Course
Great courses. These courses definitely help give students a solid foundation for being a professional healer. Prices are reasonable and the package deals make it more affordable to multiple courses. Highly recommend this school.
Misty Laroque – USA

Psychic & Development
Very prompt replies whenever one wants guidance and concise but effective study material,
Vishrut Dilipbhai Pradhan – India

Crystal Healing
I thought I knew crystals until I took this course. It has opened my mind up to a whole new world of possibilities
Patricia Lee Hills –Canada

Tarot Reading
This course was very good with great information regarding cards and spreads very good for anyone new to the course and with this course you can use to help yourself and others it is very therapeutic I would recommend anyone considering to read Tarot not to give this a miss
Jacqueline-Anne Townsend – Gravesend – Kent

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with all of you and your response time in helping
me in time of need was wonderful and I appreciate all the wonderful information that
I will always have to be able to learn as I go.
Thank you, – Debra Perkins – USA

Chakra & Aura
Great course, easy to understand, loved the exercises
Bronya Kennedy – Australia

Crystal Healing
I found this course very useful for my spiritual work. It enhanced my knowledge & I am able to put to use what I had learned. –Keagan Kang – Singapore

Holistic Counselling
Great classes! A great way to learn something new or refresh on your own time. Staff is responsive and answer right away! Thanks
Heather Kaminski – USA

Colour Therapy
I found this colour therapy course extremely enjoyable. It was simple and kept me interested the whole way through. It has confirmed how much i would like to incorporate these teachings into my therapy groups and private sessions. Colour is a vital part of our life and i would highly recommend this course to anyone for either personal use or professional. Thank you to Trish and the team behind Luna Holistics, i am looking forward to my next studies with you. Stephanie Ellis – Australia

Advanced Angel Therapy
I greatly enjoyed this course. It included so many amazing techniques and I am very excited to use them for my family, friends, clients and myself! Aileen Valdes – Florida – USA

Energy Healing
I have been most impressed with the courses that I have done with Luna
It was interesting and I have learned a lot.
Extremely good value Excellent. Patricia Ward – West Sussex – UK

Basic Aromatherapy
Thank you for this wonderful course on Aromatherapy, as it has made me more experience in a personal liking of different smells and how it affects us. I found this course to be full of knowledge and very easy to understand.
Tammy babineau – Canada

Chakra & Aura
Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Clear and very extensive information, am looking forward to taking another course as soon as I can
Vicky Crowther – Newquay, Cornwall

Advanced Angel Therapy
Wonderful joyful course, very enlightening
Sandra silberzweig – Canada

Chakra & Aura Healing
I have just completed the Chakra & Aura Healing Certificate Course and have to say what a worthwhile and enjoyable experience it has been for me. This course is a great complement to Reiki and Crystal Healing. I will definitely be completing more courses with Luna as the layout and support you get is second to none. Best online training I have experienced. Many thanks.
Tracey Hughes, Inverkip – UK

Basic Aromatherapy
Loved this course. One of my favourite courses to study so far in Holistic Therapy, and will be taking the full diploma for this soon. I enjoyed every aspect of learning how to blend essential oils, and the full benefits of Aromatherapy. The course material was very well detailed as expected from Luna Holistics, and I cannot recommend their courses enough for online studies.
Tanya Wilkinson – Bognor Regis – UK

Crystal Healing
I really enjoy taking these courses and they are very affordable making it easier to take on more courses.
Annemarie McDonell – Australia

Colour Therapy – The Colour Therapy study guide was very well laid out, clearly written a lot of fun to learn. I am very happy integrating what I learned into yoga classes, and find that it’s a great way for students to deepen their practice. Lisa Adelaide Stuhr NY

Crystal Therapy
I would highly recommend Luna Holistics for courses, the course material is sent over to you promptly and the course material is brilliant, so informative and everything you need for your exam is in the material. I will definitely be applying for further courses.
Emma Brabin – Wirral UK

Psychic Development
A fantastic course that I really enjoyed. Easy to follow with plain English but still in depth enough to feel you are learning. Some really great exercises to practise too both on your own and with others. Lindsey Jelfs – Norfolk

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Luna Holistics for providing me with a personally and professionally enriching experience. I have an existing holistic health practice and can now also offer Reflexology to my clients. This I do with confidence, knowing that I have a solid knowledge and comprehensive training in this therapy.
Dorothea van der Merwe – South Africa

Basic Aromatherapy
I have learnt so much about massages and aromatherapy, I never had an idea about oils and the effects. This was such a great knowledge booster. Looking forward to the Advanced Aromatherapy Course.
Melissa Hurry – Hornchurch UK

Colour Therapy
Colour therapy course was very good value for money and also gives a person a chance to possibly do a career change. There are endless possibilities with colour therapy – Sandra Ann Wallis – UK

It was a very good learning experience. The course material was well instructed and there was a high degree of information’s. It taught me a lot and prepared me for not having fear confronting “REAL PALMS”. Thank you !
Mrs. Vasiliki Tsokou – Athens, Greece

Tarot Diploma Course – Luna home studies, is carefully planned, detailed oriented, and organised and easily accessible way to enjoy studies which we enjoy. thank you so much – Utasha Sonia Tharyamal – India

REFLEXOLOGY – I thoroughly enjoyed this course as I used it as a refresher and found it understated but well and simply explained which helps tremendously!

Colour Therapy – This was very good value for money and also gives a person a chance to possibly do a career change. There are endless possibilities with colour therapy
Sharon Gutzmann – Romsey UK

CRYSTAL MAGIC ADVANCED – This course was really exciting and my friend and I have all really benefited from the many healing techniques outlined in it. The mantras are lovely and aid my mediation. C Griffiths – United Kindgdom

CRYSTAL THERAPY DIPLOMA – I couldn’t be happier that I chose to go through Luna Holistics, Trish was very helpful and compared with a previous crystal therapy course I’ve taken, the information I have learnt here has been invaluable. And because of the wealth of knowledge I now have I feel confident about working as a professional therapist. Thank you Trish for reigniting my love of the power of crystal – Celesté Stephens Australia

CRYSTAL THERAPY – I found the Crystal Therapy course to be very informative and gave me a good understanding of working with crystals to help compliment other healing procedures. The course work was very well set out and easily fitted in with my already busy lifestyle. I would highly recommend the Crystal Therapy course to anyone looking for complementary healing procedures and also looking for a well-structured course to fit in with a busy lifestyle. Michele Skidmore – Perth Western Australia

COLOUR THERAPY – By gaining factual insight into the colors that are all around us, I am able to better understand the thoughts and feelings that colors evoke. Overall, this course was not only about colors themselves but about our vibrations and healing. The info was great and I learned a lot! Heather L. Kipnis USA

CHAKRA & AURA I finally found a course that suited my needs and lifestyle! Being a mum and working fulltime I found all of Luna’s course work was well presented, easy to read and accessible from my I pad so I could take it anywhere to study and learn new skills and information in my own time. Any questions or queries I had were answered promptly and with professional support even from the other side of the world!. So if you are like me short on time, I would highly recommend completing a course with Luna.
Completion of Exam – Thank you for making it an easy to follow procedure so I could concentrate on the answers rather than the format as I have experienced from other training organisations.
Michele from Perth Western Australia

I found this course to be really enjoyable. My family and friends have certainly felt the benefit and have been booking in advance for me to get some practice in. The material is very thorough and educational. I have really enjoyed this course and look forward to the advanced one also. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Natalie Parr UK

ENERGY HEALING COURSE – This is a well-structured self-study course. The text is clearly set out and well written, with a great deal of advice leading to supplementary material. Questions emailed to the tutors are answered speedily and fully. I recommend these courses to anyone who has a passing interest in the subjects offered or for those who wish to re-train for a new career. D. Cornish – UK

PSYCHIC &SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT – I would have to say that I found everything quite brilliant. The online course is great,the coursework you receive is easy to follow and concise. Knežević Stela – Serbia

COLOUR THERAPY – The Colour Therapy study guide was very well laid out, clearly written a lot of fun to learn. I am very happy integrating what I learned into yoga classes, and find that it’s a great way for students to deepen their practice. L. Stuhr – USA

HOLISTIC PACKAGE OFFER – Thank you for putting such amazing packages together. It really has saved me so much money at the same time as being able to study some great courses. Really do appreciate it. D Clarence – Canada

ANGEL THERAPY – This is the 3rd course I have taken with Luna Holistics and am always happy to recommend them but this really was my favourite. Simple and clear instructions and direction and I picked up some great tips which I can use in my other holistic treatments. Susan Grace – UK

BASIC AROMATHERAPY – I found this course although basic very informative and easy to follow. I appreciated the link to the student library to see some massage videos and am looking forward to continuing my studies with the Advanced Aromatherapy Course. I have found your response time to any queries I have had impressive and very professional. Would highly recommend this training school. M Shannon – UK

NLP – I have been studying Life Coaching & NLP for a few years now and am so pleased I came across Luna Holistics to complete my qualifications. I have really enjoyed studying the NLP course as it was very informative & am looking forward to completing the Coaching Diploma & Energy Healing qualification next. Sally Spiers – UK

CRYSTAL THERAPY DIPLOMA – I found Luna Holistics Crystal Therapy course explained the basics right through to the more complex studies in such a way that it was easy to follow and easy to understand and allowed me to see the whole complete picture. I had a few questions which I sent as an email and they were answered very quickly with clear concise answers. I have already planned my next course to subscribe to. Lindsey Jelfs – England

Psychic & Spiritual Development – Psychic Course – superb course, excellent support online – T Clarke – Scotland

Chakra & Aura Course – Another great course with easy to follow course work and some interesting practical experiments to follow to help you understand, develop and experience for yourself. I loved this course and it really helped me to understand in depth what books, websites, etc. just touch on but not help you to fully understand and grasp. Jolene

TAROT – I would highly recommend Luna Holistics to anyone who was interested in doing holistic online courses. The course was easy to learn and simple to follow.
If I had any queries I sent an email and always received a prompt reply.
It was also helpful to have a number of suggested books to read and other items in the shop.
I will definitely be purchasing further courses in the near future.
Many Thanks – Sue

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