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Reiki Level 1 & 2 Package

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Reiki with Usui, Online reiki course

Self healing using Reiki

To learn Reiki is to learn to connect to a Higher Power. Reiki energy is passed down to the student so that they are able to connect to the universal energy that will flow through your hands. You will be taught all the correct positions to use. As Reiki is not a religion it does not matter what your spiritual or religious beliefs are. Anyone can learn to connect to Reiki Energy. Reiki healers can quite often be found in hospitals/care homes/hospices etc. due to its powerful and amazing effects on those who receive reiki energy. Once you have completed both these courses you will be able to treat yourselves and others and benefit from this truly natural and powerful healing process. Extra Bonus Reiki 2 including animal reiki included.

You will now learn how you can become a beautiful vessel for natural healing. In these powerful and comprehensive professional online 1st and 2nd degree reiki courses you will receive everything you need to become a confident and successful Reiki I practitioner. This Reiki Healing Package Dr Usui teaching will teach you how to harness genuine and powerful healing energies to enable you to channel this for yourself and others.

Are you ready to expand your consciousness whilst also increasing your natural intuition. To understand reiki is to understand just what a powerful and natural healer you really are.