Reflexology Diploma Course


WOOCS 2.2.8
  • Reflexology Accredited covers basic to advanced level
  • Full Tutor support & Access to student video library included
  • Accredited insurable qualification
  • Immediate download – home study
  • Diploma included on successful completion
  • Career opportunity – You can go on to be registered as a Certified Massage Therapist – Professional Reflexologist – Complementary Practitioner – Holistic Healer

Reflexology Home Study Course

Become a certified reflexology practitioner

Reflexology is a safe and natural therapy that helps to give your body what it needs, some of the things reflexology can be helpful with may include conceiving or carrying a baby to full term, a reduction in the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, assistance in losing weight or just feeling younger and looking healthier.

These are just some of the benefits reflexology training can be helpful with. This course is also included in our Value Massage Package if you wish to study a full range of massage courses.

This course alongside our Advanced Aromatherapy course is one of Luna’s more comprehensive courses and students should be willing to put away a few more hours of study time.

There are no strict deadlines (you’ll have up to 2 years or more if required and most of our in-depth courses require Approx. Study Time for Advanced Levels 90- 160 hrs

Some of the things you will learn in this course are: –
Introduction to Reflexology
Learn the full body systems which will include the Lymphatic, immune system, digestive and circularly
Understand how the following systems work: Nervous, Respiratory, Urinary and Reproductive
A more holistic approach to heath and nutrition
How to prepare your treatment room
Completing a client treatment card
Reflexology for adults, children, the elderly and clients undergoing medication
Foot and Hand treatments
Contraindications and After-care advise
Learning reviews throughout

When students have successfully passed this course examination, they are issued with a qualification that is recognised by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) the  (AADP)  and (IICT) Graduates of which will then be eligible to apply to be board certified holistic health practitioners. You can also purchase this course as part of our holistic package offers with savings of over 50%



This course was very in-depth and offers a full understanding of what is necessary to work as a professional therapist. I have added this now to my skills that also include aromatherapy and hot stone massage. Thanks for another great course. Sally Merton – Australia

Loved learning about reflexology, very fun and in my own time learning. Ive got one more course to go as I took the package deal, then I am thinking of doing some more with you guys  -Stephanie Tillbrook – Herts – UK


This is the first time I’ve done an online course.  I was apprehensive at first as I wasn’t sure how thorough the course would be and If learning on my own time would be beneficial.  But I found it to be quite rounded with the theory and review questions and having access to the library and student Facebook.  (My Mother has been a reflexologist for 20 years and I felt I had rather large shoes to fill – But even family members have told me I have done a wonderful treatment and very comparable to hers and with healing results) Thank you for the opportunity. Angela E. McCord – USA


Additional Information

Part 1

Introduction and history of reflexology, zone energy, holistic health and nutrition, and information about toxins and stress. There are also foot, hand, and body maps.

Lesson 2
Holistic approach to health and wellbeing
How Reflexology works
Lesson 3
Anatomy of the foot, hand and body
Learning review of part 1
Part 2

Introduction and diagrams of the body systems and their principle organs

Lesson 4

Part 1 of the body systems
Lesson 5

Part 2 of the body systems
Reproductive system
Lesson 6

Preparation for a treatment
Preparing your therapy room
Preparing yourself and your clients
Large selection of various treatments including:
Clients on medication
Learning review.
Part 3

In this part you will learn about reflex points and areas

Lesson 7

Application of an effective foot reflexology treatment
Lesson 8

The four powerful reflexology techniques that will help you to access all the reflex points
Lesson 9

Benefits of hand reflexology
Treatment positions
How to use the treatments
Reading reflexes in the hands
Closing treatment and aftercare
Learning review
Learning Review

Following each group of lessons there is a list of related questions provided to enable students to review their learning.

Exam Information

Do I need to complete an Exam?

No, only request and complete an exam if you require your accredited qualification. (Exams or certificates are not applicable for any of our Free Courses)

When should I request my exam paper?

You should only request this when you have completed and understood all your course material fully and have prepared your case studies. Details will be sent to you with your course material, including a link to the Student Video library. Any exams should be requested within two years of course purchase.

Do I need to complete a case study?

Case studies are an important part of your training and it is recommended that you practice on family and friends as much as possible whilst learning. You should complete a minimum of 5 case studies that you feel confident with before working with members of the public.

What does my exam entail?

There is no pressure or clock to watch when taking your exam as you will have 7 days in which to complete before sending it back to be marked. Your exam will have a number of questions, some multiple choice and also space to write up a case study. Finally, there is a short questionnaire that we ask all student kindly to complete.

How do I request an exam?

If you have a customer account, you can sign in here, then head to your Orders page and click Request an Exam for the course you have purchased. If you do not have a customer account, you can request your exam by manually entering your credentials and the course on this page.

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