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Completely revolutionised your clients make-up routine by learning lash lift. Clients want a beauty technique that requires very little maintenance or upkeep, but provides great results. That?s why a Lash Lift is an effective solution for busy women looking to enhance the look of their eyes!

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Lash lifting is the new eyelash perming and has revolutionised old perming techniques and will enhance your clients natural lashes making them longer and thicker they are a great treatment to have especially for special occasions, holidays and for that wow factor.
A Lash Lift is a very low maintenance technique, and it provides a significant beauty enhancement to the facial area. It accomplishes this by giving the illusion of eyelash length. This makes the eyes appear more open, and results in a more awake and youthful appearance (It gives you the look you would see after using lash curl or better).
A Lash Lift uses a specially created silicone pad and perm solution to lift your natural lashes from the root only, creating a subtle and natural looking lift. Many women prefer their lashes to have more lift than curl. However some prefer more curl than lift. A Lash Lift is flexible enough to accommodate either preference.
The Lash Lift generally lasts for 6 to 8 weeks. Sometimes, it can last even 12 weeks. For the best results, we recommend getting a Lash Lift every 5 to 6 weeks to help keep a consistent, ideal look.
Our online lash lift course is designed to teach you both the lash lift which changes the angle of the lashes from pointing straight out or down to up & open – great for lashes that are naturally straight and growing out/down.
Lash lift is brilliant to give lift as well as curl – this treatment lasts 6-8 weeks so no mascara needed. 

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