Angel Healing Foundation Course


WOOCS 2.2.8
  • Beginners Guide To Angel Healing Certificate Course
  • Self Paced – Study From Home – No Attendance Required
  • Easy To Follow and Fun To Learn
  • Full Tutor Support Offered – Access To Student Video Library
  • Accredited IPHM, IICT, AADP
  • Download now for immediate start – Accredited Certificate Included

Angel Certified Training Course

Your Complete Guide To Working With Angels – Certificate Course

Have you ever wanted to learn Angel Therapy and learn to communicate with your angels?

Perhaps you have felt their presence or even been drawn to this page by your Angels – Maybe you have been guided here.

This Angel Healing course will help you to develop your knowledge and communication with your Angels and Guides.

If you would like to become a professional Angel Practitioner or are interested in Angelic Realms, then this course is for you. You will learn about how to meet your very own Guardian Angel and have a greater understanding of Archangels, whilst also covering topics such as how to make an angel alter, learn to read angel cards, how meditation and crystals can help you plus a section using the correct essential oils.

With this personal development course you will also learn how to combine working with Angels with other alternative healing methods to ensure you and your clients receive an invigorating and enlightening therapy treatment.

As with all our courses you will find this easy to follow with diagrams throughout, your course will also include a sample treatment card. Once you have completed this course you can then proceed to the Advanced Angel Therapy course level to enable you to become a fully Competent Accredited Certified Angel Practitioner.

Angel Therapy Healing Is A Gift That We Can Use And Pass On

When students have successfully passed this course examination, they are issued with a qualification that is recognised by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) the (AADP) and (IICT) Graduates of which will then be eligible to apply to be board certified holistic health practitioners. You can also purchase this course as part of our holistic package offers with savings of over 50%



Amazing course and the people running the programme are very helpful and professional. I have learned a lot and am looking forward to completing the rest of the courses I am enrolled for. It’s nice that you get the chance to get a certificate out of it as proof you have read through the material.
Maral Hanna – Oxford – UK

What an amazing course! The staff were very helpful and good at provide support along the way. The course materials were all very accessible and useful. I really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others, in fact I already have. I am now going on to study the next advanced course. Thank you so much.

Lovely course which was easy to understand and undertake. This didn’t feel like learning to me, it just felt natural. Love that the lines of communication are now open with the Archangels. Thank you!!
Sarah Faulkner – Australia

 I came upon your website unexpectedly and I am ever so grateful I did.   I knew changes were happening in my life and this is one of them.  I have completed the Angel Foundation Certificate course and will be starting very shortly with the advanced course of the Angel Foundation which I am really excited about, but I won’t be stopping there. The packages that you offer are absolutely awesome. The prompt service and quick email replies from Trish have been amazing.  Thank you Sharon McColm – CanadaRajo Saira – Coventry – UK

Additional Information

Who should take this course? – If you would like to work as an angel therapist and communicator of angels or would just like to develop a deeper connection to your own guardian angel or guides.

Overview of Part 1 and 2 of the Complete Angel Therapy Course

When students have successfully completed this course you will receive a fully accredited Angel Healing Certificate and should you wish to take your studies even further are welcome to go on to the advanced level.

Part 1

Lesson 1 provides a history of the angels, explains about guardian angels and how they are always with you from the minute that you soul decides to inhabit earth, how to connect with your angels, more on angel therapy and working with angels.  This lesson then continues with information on Archangels and the angels that are closest to humanity.

Lesson 2 teaches you about the major chakras, where they are located, what they relate to, what happens if they are blocked and what body parts they relate to.  This lesson advises you on setting up your angel altar, how to meditate to allow you to make contact with your angels and request that they participate in your daily life. This lesson continues with explaining how crystals play an important part in Angel Therapy, what each stone represents and how they can help in certain situations, emotional and/or medical conditions.  Finally there is a guide on how to store you should store aromatherapy oils.

Lesson 3 introduces the angels, what they represent and how they can help with certain situations, mental and physical conditions.

Part 2

Lesson 4 explains the link with angels and crystals, when you should cleanse your crystals and different ways of doing this, encoding and programming your stones to focus on its abilities to help with something you need so that it becomes a useful and powerful tool.  This lesson continues with preparation for opening up to your angels, all you need to know about practising mediation.

Lesson 5 provides details of crystals and stones that relate to individual Archangels and their functions; this is a particularly useful tool to refer to before performing Angel Therapy as you can tailor the treatment accordingly.

Lesson 6 provides guidance on working with chakras and crystals to keep them balanced and flowing freely, it catalogues the different chakras, related stones and essential oils.  This lesson then guides you on how to choose a stone to help with a particular problem; causes of blocked chakras and which stones should be used, the laying of the stones to balance treatment of the chakras and aftercare advice. Finally this concludes with combining angel therapy with other therapies and tips on Angel Card Readings. Your course includes a sample angel therapy client treatment card.

Learning Review

After each part, a list of related questions has been provided to allow the students to review their learning.


When students have successfully passed the examination, they are issued with a fully accredited Certificate.  Graduates of which will then be eligible to apply to be board certified holistic health practitioners and request Holistic insurance cover. Details will be sent with your qualification on how you may apply.

You may also purchase this course as part of the holistic package offers. 

Exam Information

Do I need to complete an Exam?

No, only request and complete an exam if you require your accredited qualification. (Exams or certificates are not applicable for any of our Free Courses)

When should I request my exam paper?

You should only request this when you have completed and understood all your course material fully and have prepared your case studies. Details will be sent to you with your course material, including a link to the Student Video library. Any exams should be requested within two years of course purchase.

Do I need to complete a case study?

Case studies are an important part of your training and it is recommended that you practice on family and friends as much as possible whilst learning. You should complete a minimum of 5 case studies that you feel confident with before working with members of the public.

What does my exam entail?

There is no pressure or clock to watch when taking your exam as you will have 7 days in which to complete before sending it back to be marked. Your exam will have a number of questions, some multiple choice and also space to write up a case study. Finally, there is a short questionnaire that we ask all student kindly to complete.

How do I request an exam?

If you have a customer account, you can sign in here, then head to your Orders page and click Request an Exam for the course you have purchased. If you do not have a customer account, you can request your exam by manually entering your credentials and the course on this page.

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