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Advanced Level Bach Flower Remedies

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Take your knowledge to the next level with this advanced course. It is recommended that you have taken the Basic level course in this subject before moving on to this advanced diploma level.


Advanced Bach Flower Therapy

Diploma Level in Flower remedies

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Become an advanced flower practitioner with this Bach flower course. This is a comprehensive guide to all of the Bach Remedies and how to use them in therapy.

If you have already studied our Bach Flowers Certificate course then moving forward to this advanced level is for you.

We start with a brief introduction to what each of the Bach Flower Remedies is and how they function.

You will also find an overview and brief description of the plants from which the Flower Remedies are derived. There is a description of where the plants grow and how the Flower Remedies are prepared for use in therapy.

The second part of this advanced level flower course consists entirely of a full description of the plants with their botanical details, their spiritual qualities and the key symptoms of energy blockages that each Flower Remedy can alleviate.

In these descriptions there is information for a therapist to make a first diagnosis. It also describes how to use the descriptions.

The final part of the course covers how to choose the appropriate remedy and prepare treatments for others, including dosages and methods of administering the Flower Remedies.

It also shows how to apply the principles of Bach Flower Therapy to different populations, such as the elderly, children and even animals.

When students have successfully passed this advanced level course examination, they are issued with a Diploma that is recognised by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) the  (AADP)  and (IICT) Graduates of which will then be eligible to apply to be board certified holistic health practitioners. You can also purchase this course as part of our holistic package offers.


Additional Information

Part One
Lesson One:

Introduction: What are Bach Flowers?
A brief History of Dr Edward Bach’s Life
Dr E Bach’s Vision
Fundamentals and Theory of Bach Flower Therapy

Lesson Two:
How Bach Flowers Work
Dr Bach’s Healing Strategy
Dr Bach’s Philosophical and Spiritual Interpretation
Bach Flowers and the Human Energy Field (Aura)
A Naturopathic Viewpoint
Bach Flower’s and the Immune System
Choosing Plants and Methods of Preparation (Sun and Boiling)

Lesson Three
Botanical Description and location of the Plants
Dr E Bach’s Seven Groups
How to use the Descriptions
Typical Characteristics of Negative Behaviour Patterns

Part Two
Lesson Four

The Bach Flowers A – G Soul Name and Negative and Positive State Descriptions

Lesson Five
The Bach Flowers H – P Name and Negative and Positive State Descriptions

Lesson Six
The Bach Flowers R – Z Name and Negative and Positive State Descriptions
Rescue Remedy
Personal Emergency Combination

Part Three
Lesson Seven

Choosing the Correct Bach Flower Remedy
Levels of Crisis
Rules and Restrictions for Self Treatment

Lesson Eight
Preparing to Treat Others
Inner Preparation
The Initial Interview
After the Interview

Lesson Nine
Applying the Principals
How to Use the Bach Flower Remedies
Preparation, Dosage and Administration of the Bach Flower Remedies
Applying Bach Flower Therapy
A Flowers Summary Chart
B Differences and Similarities Between Two Bach Flower Remedies Chart
C Present Situation Questionnaire
D Character Questionnaire
E Final Choice Checklist
F Evaluation Sheet
G Main Problem Areas List
H Basic Elements Chart


There are plenty of examples throughout the course and the appendix contains several tools to help you get started on your journey to being accomplished.

If you are a new student to Bach flower remedies then we recommend you complete the Bach remedies beginners certificate course first.