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Feng Shui Professional Diploma Course

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Certified Feng Shui Training Course

Feng shui can be used both at home, work, garden and many successful feng shui experts practice what they preach. By using feng shui correctly it can help to bring greater energy and positive results in all areas of your life.

We have some amazing feedback from students whom have completed this course and some say it really has changed their life for the better.

Some of the things you will learn in this course are:-

  • Working with and understanding the real meaning of Chi
  • The basic fundamentals of feng shui
  • How to use the Ba Gua an important tool in feng shui
  • Learning about home sectors and how best to place or remove objects to gain benefits in all areas
  • How to correctly use crystals, mirrors and lighting
  • Activating Feng Shui to use for increasing the following: –  fertility, love, career, wealth, health
  • The use of Feng Shui symbols, how and where to place them
  • How to carry out a complete feng shui assessment for you and your clients

This course can also be purchased as part of one of our Package Offers

Approx Study Time 60hrs


This was such an interesting and fun course to do. With step by step guides and clear instructions I was able to transform the whole energy of my home and was amazed at how quickly positive things started to happen. Very highly recommended. L Lavell UK