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Learn how to read palms

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Understanding the art of palm reading
Learn how to read palms with palmistry for beginners course.You will find with our easy to “read palms guide” and course packed full of information that will enable you to learn the art of palm reading also known as chiromancy. We love professional palm readers and this course will teach you how to offer a professional and concise palm reading to your clients, family and friends. We have many tarot readers whom have also undertaken this course and it offers even more credibility and depth to their readings, which in turn keep their clients visits regular. This course is popular alongside our Psychic and Spiritual development course and professional tarot reading diploma course. If considering more than one course then please see our holistic package offer for even further savings.
Some of the things you will learn in this course are:-

  • The history of Palmistry
  • Learn about the many different hand shapes you will see
  • The elements of hand shapes such as Air, fire, earth, water etc and the indications of this on your clients personality
  • Understanding the meanings of each palm you see
  • Take an in-depth look at nails and how they are interpreted
  • Life Lines, career lines, romance lines and relationships in general
  • How to accurately describe an individual personality
  • Future predications or indications and gain a clear understanding of your clients past
  • Astrology and Palmistry
  • How to complete a full and comprehensive and detailed accurate palm reading

Approx Study Hours: 120hrs including practice and readings on others

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“I found what I have previously tried to learn with difficulty now an easy to follow course that has both amazed me and my friends and family when I have accurately assessed their palms. I now use this all the time alongside my tarot consultations and have seem my client base increase tenfold. Thank you so much for making what I once thought a complicated subject easy and simple to follow” Mary Vincent – London