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For a career in Holistic Counselling


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Certified Counselling Career Course
One of the most important aspects of spiritual counselling is the relationship between the client and the counsellor. As a counsellor you must be honest, open, truthful, non-judgemental and of course you must be centred.

This course is ideal for those of you whom would like to start a career or profession as either a holistic therapist, healer, or counsellor.

For those of you already working as a complementary therapist this course will help to develop your skills and to help pinpoint your clients need for the correct treatment. For those of you who are just starting your journey as a healer this foundation course is a must and can help you to discover which therapies you may wish to learn in the future.

Should you wish to works as a stand alone counsellor then it is strongly recommend that you start with this course and proceed to take the NLP & Life Coaching Courses to enable you to work as professional advisor.

Some of the topics covered in this course are:-

  • An introduction to Holistic and Spiritual counselling
  • How to complete a client treatment card
  • How to bond with your client and put them at ease
  • Good practice counselling tips and hints
  • How to conduct a counselling session from start to finish
  • Understanding professional ethics
  • Gain a good understanding in body language and how to interpret the meanings
  • Learn about energy, chakras and the spiritual body
  • Conduct good breathing exercises
  • Teaching your client how to meditate
  • Using counselling with other holistic therapy and alternative therapies
  • How to conclude your session and evaluate

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Total Study Time approx 30hrs



This course is a great introduction to counselling and what to expect. I found it very interesting and easy to follow. I am looking forward to completing my next courses in counselling. Maria Walker – USA

This course gives a good foundation for starting a practice as a holistic counsellor. The lessons give many of the basics which would blend well with other forms of healing. Would recommend this school to anyone looking to get started as a healerMisty Laroque – USA

I really enjoyed doing Holistic Counselling with Luna Courses. I found the freedom of being able to study at times that suited me made a big difference in the way I approached the learning. Luna courses answered any queries very quickly which can make all the difference to on-line studyingGwen Turner – Republic of Ireland