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Here you will find a number of free holistic and spiritual guides that we have put together for some basic information. In the “How to See Auras” for instance there are tips on how to do this and in the “Learn to read runestones” you will find a list of all the stones and their basic meanings. Learning to use a pendulum is both fun and rewarding and with these simple tips you will soon be able to answer yes no questions with ease and accurate results.

How to See Auras

Learn to see auras with our easy tips and guide.

How to see Auras
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Understanding Chakras

Learn about the 7 main chakras, where they are and what each one represents.

Learn about chakras
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Cosmic Ordering Made Simple

Nine simple steps to achieving your dreams, health and wealth.

Cosmic Ordering Made Easy
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Learn to read Runestones

Your complete guide in how to read runestones and how to make your own set.

Learn to read Runes
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How to use a Pendulum

Find out how to answer yes or no questions with amazing accuracy by using a pendulum.

How to use a Pendulum
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Feng Shui Practitioner Guide

Everything you need to know about feng shui, with great tips for bedrooms, homes, business, health and wealth.

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