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Advanced Crystal Therapy Diploma Course

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Learn the Magic of Crystals
If you have already studied our Crystal Healing Diploma Course then this course takes you on a further journey into the world of crystal therapy and healing and offers you the opportunity to gain your Advanced Diploma.  Learn about the the magical side of using crystals. As crystals have the ability to boost and energize whatever they are used for, they are far more powerful than most people realise and used in the correct way with the right guidance our crystal therapy training courses really can ensure that you as a therapist will be working to your highest potential. Crystals can be used safely on the majority of illnesses and problems including using crystal therapy on our pets and animals.

  • Gain the necessary skills and knowledge to practice Crystal Therapy at an advanced level
  • You will be awarded the professional Luna Holistics Advanced Diploma
  • Become a Registered IPHM Crystal Therapist Practitioner
  • Some of the things you will learn in this crystal therapy home study course are:-
  • How to use crystals for healing both in the workplace, home and garden
  • How to use them for protection and to tap into their power
  • How crystal energies interact with the world around you
  • How crystals are formed
  • How to know the difference between gemstones and crystals
  • How to use crystals in conjunction with colour, chakras and auras
  • How to make crystal elixirs and essences
  • Crystals and tarot
  • Learn how to set up a section of different grids, layouts and nets for many kinds of ailments, disorders and complaints, with instructions on how to construct them.
  • How to use crystals in magic, spells and rituals

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“I have thoroughly enjoyed my crystal healing courses with Luna. The course work was very well structured and easy to understand and work through. There is also a students library online if you need any further information and their Facebook page is great. Very friendly people and helpful advice. I have learned so much about crystals and healing by doing this course. Crystals are so beautiful to work with and there is always something new to learn about them as there are so many. I now have a large collection!!
Thank you Luna for such a great course.  I am also doing the Energy Healing course and Animal Healing course with you.
Sandra Wilson – Rossendale 
“Excellent course really enjoyed it. I love crystals and have worked with them for many years but have learnt many new things during this advanced level course”
Ellen Bridgewood – West Midlands

“I have found studying the Crystal Therapy Diploma course and incredibly interesting and inspiring experience”
Elaine Beattie – Cleadon- UK



Additional Information

Part 1

  • Basics of how crystals are formed
  • How crystals, gems, and stones are different from each other
  • Application of applying crystals for healing a variety of physical and emotional problems
  • Using crystals in conjunction with chakras, colours, auras, mediation
  • Making elixirs and essences
  • How to cleanse and charge crystals
  • Making your own sacred space
  • Overview of crystallomancy, lithomancy and crystal tarot (Helping you bring the Magic of Crystals alive)

Part 2

  • In depth review and details on working with crystal grids, layouts, and nets
  • What they are
  • How they work to benefit clients
  • Variety of grids, layouts, and nets diagrams
  • Their uses for different complaints, disorders, and ailments
  • How best to construct them

Part 3

  • Use of magic, spells, and rituals
  • How crystal magic works on the individual as well as broader characteristics including individual’s environment
  • Examples of spells and ritual mantras

Learning Review

Following each group of lessons you will be given a list of related questions that will help you to review your learning.