Colour Therapy For Headaches

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 Using colour therapy for headaches Colour Consultation Case study example Using Colour Therapy for headaches is just one of the many things that colour therapy is helpful with. Mr. W first came to me for a treatment to help with his bad back and he suffers with sleep apnoea due to being overweight. He said that he always feels tired and sluggish and frequently has headaches.  Before arriving I had asked

3 Tips to stay focused

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There are many areas of our lives that need organizing; the mail, the kid’s room(s), our car, our desk at home/work, the refrigerator, your computer, your brain, the dogs vet visits, whew enough! I want to give you some basic steps that work really well and it will be hard at first but you CAN do it.  Ok, I love the number 3 I like the way it looks, the fact

Neuro-Linguistic Programming case Study

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NLP CASE STUDY EXAMPLEClient arrived for her NLP session,  she entered the room trying to look confident with a slight smile on her face, I could see her  anxiety, as she rubbed her hands together as she took a seat, she became tearful  as she started to talk of her ongoing issues, she has seen her doctor and been prescribed medication for  anxiety, but hasn't taken it, she states that she

Training with Luna Holistics Academy

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Training with Luna Holistics offers students a most rewarding experience. Students tell us that being able to study at a time to suit themselves and work studies round home and work life is one of the best things about taking a distance learning course. Choose from a wide selection of coursesAs one of the largest dedicated course providers specialising in holistic, alternative and spiritual therapies we have years and years of experience

Chakra and Aura Healing – Case Study Example

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Before my client arrive I prepared by cleansing the room and the massage table to ensure no lingering energies were present.  I lit some candles and put on some music to create a nice relaxing atmosphere, made sure the treatment room was warm enough and got some pillows and a blanket prepared for my clients comfort.  I then spent some time grounding and protecting myself and cleansing my chakra crystals and

Health & Nutrition Case Study

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Introduction to client - I requested that the patient make a one week simple diet to bringwith him. I requested that he write down everything he ate and drank each day includingtimes and quantities or volumes and to document any exercise or physical activity. When my client arrived for his appointment, I completed a short health and life style questionnairewith him selecting meals per day to balance out the blood sugar. Started

Colour and Angel Therapy Combined

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Example Case Study - Offering an holistic treatmentBefore the client came I got my room ready by putting on some harp music which is very relaxing. I also lit incense (dragons blood), and lit three tea lights just plain white ones. When the client came I took her to the room and got her to fill in the treatment card with me. I took all her details, name address, contact details

Charging Crystals

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Charging and Dedicating Stones and CrystalsThe most important to remember when charging your stones and crystals is to clearly visualise your intent. See, in your mind, what you want; focus on your goal. Ideally you will use the same or a similar visualisation during the spell or ritual to reinforce your intent.Hold the stone or crystal in your projective hand (the hand which you use to send out and direct energy)

Why Study Feng Shui?

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We have many students worldwide whom have studied our Feng Shui diploma course and below is what one of our students had to say about the dramatic changes that had occurred since implementing Feng Shui principles in her home. Feng ShuiI have enjoyed this course very much, my own home is looking and feeling much better as is my daughter’s whom I did this case study for.  My daughter (whom I did

Opening the Heart Chakra

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Opening any of the chakras is a journey towards the Self. It is a holistic and gentle way of unfolding all the potential that you have within you as a human being. This is why chakra therapy is becoming more and more popular.The word therapy is derived from the Greek word "therapeia" the literal meaning to "assisting someone on his or her way". Perfumes, gemstones, crystals, sounds and colour can all