Psychic & Spiritual Case Study

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Psychic and Spiritual Case Study Learning to use psychic development techniques Having come into Spiritualism totally blind and unaware of what we all hold inside I was very surprised to be made aware of the capabilities that we all hold, having followed the exercises outlined in the course Psychic & Spiritual Development I began to practice on family and friends and as each exercise developed I felt more and more drawn

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Palmistry Case Study Example

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Female Aged Approx 35years The first thing to observe with this client is that the hand is offered straight with the thumb away from the fingers, this shows that the individual is friendly and happy for their palm to be viewed. Fingers are spread out showing they are generous and receptive. Air Hand The Air Hand is known as the intellectual hand and has a square palm with longer fingers. All

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Tarot Tips

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Using tarot as a tool to run alongside either psychic development or meditation can be a brilliant tool and you may find you have exceptional results with this combination.Learning Tarot To learn tarot you should ideally take a course or workshop, and many readers are self taught via books, however it can take a little longer to pick up this way. There are 78 cards in a full deck of tarot and these

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Developing Psychic Skills

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For the past 18 months I have been working in a holistic centre close to my home. Before working there I had no psychic abilities & I knew nothing of the angel, auras, chakras or anything else that came with the spiritual word. I kind of thought the ladies in there were a bit crazy to be honest – seeing angels, talking to their crystals, & smudging the negative energies away,

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