Palmistry Reading

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Palmistry Reading Case study This student was asked the following: Please try and describe the personality traits of the following palms and what if any future predictions or details of their past you may see. This will help to determine how well you understand what you have been taught and put into practice how to read palms.   DESCRIPTION: This person offers their hands in a very open manner, their thumbs


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More and more people have been getting involved in the art of palmistry or palm reading. That is why, this guide will provide you helpful information on how you can see yourself or someone else in a different perspective." Besides your eyes and mouth, our hands are probably the next part of our body that are able to express many things in just a slight movement. You can start waving your

Palmistry Case Study Example

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Female Aged Approx 35years The first thing to observe with this client is that the hand is offered straight with the thumb away from the fingers, this shows that the individual is friendly and happy for their palm to be viewed. Fingers are spread out showing they are generous and receptive. Air Hand The Air Hand is known as the intellectual hand and has a square palm with longer fingers. All