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How to Read Angel Cards

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Learn how to read Angel Cards How to read angel cards free online guide Do you love angels? Have you got some angel cards? OK but do you know how to read them? Reading angel cards is a little different than reading tarot cards, but just as much information can be passed across to the client.  We cover a lot about how to communicate with our angels and guides in

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Keeping Positive

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Tips on positive Thinking Positive thinking is not as easy as people think. While some people are born optimists others seem to find this a little more difficult.  I would class myself as an optimist and I am the first to tell my friends off for not being positive thinkers. Yet now and again I still find it easy to fall prey to negative thinking.  Negative thoughts drain you of your

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Free Courses for Every Student

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We are very proud to offer only high quality accredited diploma and certificate courses. However, we are aware that as a lot of our course work covers subjects such as chakra, auras, and using a pendulum that to have a basic knowledge of these subjects can be helpful when starting to study with Luna Holistics. We have put together some free mini courses for  you to choose from. So whether you

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