Healing Session with Crystals

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How to use Crystals Using crystals for a full chakra healing session I started out with a clearing technique using sage to clear out any negative energy and emotions that my client may have accumulated. I then rubbed the coconut fused with cinnamon bark oil on my clients’ chest, neck and temples to soothe the mind and aid in the releasing of any unwanted negative emotions.

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Why should you charge your crystals on a full moon?

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How a full moon effects us and why you should charge your crystals   We are coming up to a full moon once again, so does the full moon really effect people or is just a myth? If it does effect us, why? Well its true that during a full moon the tides are higher than usual and this is due to the gravitational pull from the sun and moon.

Essential Crystals for Therapists

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Best Crystals for a healer? Your Guide to the top 7 healing stones   Crystal Therapists If you are a crystal healer then the chances are you have your own favourite crystals and stones to work with. There are  however some crystals that are recommended to be part of every therapists tool kit.  And the following crystals fall into this category and with good reason:-         No1 - Clear Quartz

How to Programme a Crystal

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How to programme a crystal  3 simple steps to programme your crystals to use for healing What does it mean to program a crystal? Programming a crystal is basically using a crystal for a very specific purpose. It is a way of telling the crystal what it is you need it most for so it can help you towards your need or desire. Most crystals have a special crystalline structure which

Using Crystals for Heat attack Client

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How Crystal Healing treatment can benefit after Heart attack Example student case study Client History: Client, 81 years old mother to three children Grandmother to 8 Grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren all living in Australia. Client presented with symptoms of stress having a heart attack approx… 2 weeks earlier and spending 1 week in hospital and pain in her right rib as she had previously broken her right rib approx… 3weeks

Crystal Healing Consultation

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 I have been using crystals for a long time for my own use and In my treatments. I first bought a clear quartz, rose quartz & and an amethyst pendulum which I use daily. The more I have learnt about crystals the more I love them & the bigger my collection has become. when looking to buy my crystals I only look to buy the ones I am drawn to. Example

Choosing Crystals

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Choosing which crystal to use can seem quite a daunting task at first as there are just so many to choose from. Having a crystal guide book is essential if choosing crystals for healing as looking a crystal up for its properties before buying is helpful and you can then find which crystal is ideal to use for the right circumstances. Alternatively, see which crystal attracts you the most. By following

Crystal Massage

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Massage is suitable for everyone and has the following beneficial results.improves circulationcalms the nervous systemstimulates and tones skinimproves muscle toneeases aches and pains in muscles and jointshelps ease fluid retentionIt is also possible to use the following massage techniques on the aura. This is an energetically effective and suitable for broken or bruised skin. YOU WILL NEED1 clear quartz massage wand WHAT TO DOSmooth a carrier oil of

Absent Healing with Crystals

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To understand how absent healing works you need to acknowledge the subtle-energy that permeates our universe. We all exist on several levels of reality at the same time and all energy comes from a single source (which some people call God, others may say the cosmic energy). When we raise our awareness from the purely physical plane we can step outside the rigid patterns and influence the flow of energy instantaneously.