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Essential Crystals for Therapists

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Best Crystals for a healer? Your Guide to the top 7 healing stones   Crystal Therapists If you are a crystal healer then the chances are you have your own favourite crystals and stones to work with. There are  however some crystals

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How to Programme a Crystal

How to programme a crystal  3 simple steps to programme your crystals to use for healing What does it mean to program a crystal? Programming a crystal is basically using a crystal for a very specific purpose. It is a

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Using Crystals for Heat attack Client

How Crystal Healing treatment can benefit after Heart attack Example student case study Client History: Client, 81 years old mother to three children Grandmother to 8 Grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren all living in Australia. Client presented with symptoms of

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Crystal Healing Consultation

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 I have been using crystals for a long time for my own use and In my treatments. I first bought a clear quartz, rose quartz & and an amethyst pendulum which I use daily. The more I have learnt about

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Choosing Crystals

Choosing which crystal to use can seem quite a daunting task at first as there are just so many to choose from. Having a crystal guide book is essential if choosing crystals for healing as looking a crystal up for

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Crystal Massage

Massage is suitable for everyone and has the following beneficial results. improves circulation calms the nervous system stimulates and tones skin improves muscle tone eases aches and pains in muscles and joints helps ease fluid retention It is also possible

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Absent Healing with Crystals

To understand how absent healing works you need to acknowledge the subtle-energy that permeates our universe. We all exist on several levels of reality at the same time and all energy comes from a single source (which some people call

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