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The Importance of Self-Care for Mental Health

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SELF CARE & MENTAL HEALTH What percentage of your day do you feel stressed? The American Psychological Association conducts annual surveys to evaluate Americans’ relationships with stress. The percentage of Americans experiencing at least one symptom of stress—nervousness/anxiousness, irritability/anger, and fatigue—each day increased to 75 percent in 2017. So if you’re among those worried about your work, finances, or family, you’re not alone. When you find yourself feeling stressed, it’s

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Holistic Counselling for Panic Attacks

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Case Study Holistic Counselling Overcoming stress and panic attacks I started the session with an introduction, explaining who I was and what the session will entail, to make my client feel at ease. I sat opposite my client and made sure I had eye contact with her at all times. I asked my client open ended questions and we completed the consultation/treatment card to assess the

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Holistic Counselling for High Stress Levels

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High Stress Case study using Holistic Counselling & Reiki Details of counselling consultation This case study offers insight from a holistic counsellors point of view and how to help a client suffering from great stress using a more holistic approach and offering practical and spiritual solutions.  I have received a client who asked for help and healing regarding to high level of stress she is feeling continuously

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NLP for Weight Loss

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 NLP FOR WEIGHT LOSS Using  NLP techniques for Weight Issues WELCOME & INTRODUCTION - Can you really lose weight with Neuro Linguistic Programming? This is a case study of a client wishing to lose weight. I welcomed Mr X who was already a life coaching client and I had already gone through with him about the sessions format and we had a client contract set up. In a previous life

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Holistic counselling for stress

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Counselling for stress issues Offering holistic counselling A Client initially called me for an holistic counselling appointment regarding stress which is related to issues due to work. Upon our first meeting he informed me that things had been very stressful for him as he is the sole breadwinner in his home and his job is not completely stable.

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Overcoming negative self talk – Life coaching

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  Life coaching session for negative self talk Details of Consultation: I began the session by thanking Client for coming along and taking part in my case study for life coaching. I explained exactly what my role as a life coach was and walked her through the various tools we would be using today. I introduced Client to the contract of respect, honesty, timing and confidentiality. The first thing we did

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Holistic Counselling Consultation

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Holistic Counselling Session Traditional talk therapy – Case Study Preparation for client consultation To offer this holistic counselling session I prepared the room beforehand, making sure the temperature was good, I lit some scented candles and had music on the in the background, but very low so as to not distract either myself or Client.

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Case Study – Life Coaching

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Life Coaching Session Case Study Using Vak – Sun Dial and Steppa Jumping I started the session by thanking S.R. for coming along and taking part in a Case Study for Life Coach. Explaining Life Coaching identifies areas for change, brainstorm possibilities, look at removing obstacles, and identify a goal(s). An overview of paperwork involved was explained i.e. Treatment Card; – Health and Life area Assessment; VAK Exercise; Sun

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NLP Case study to alleviate stress

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Case study help Lower Blood Pressure and Alleviate Stress I was invited to Clients house for the NLP treatment. I arrived on time and she greeted me at the door and she wanted us to sit at her dining room table for note taking and talking. I met Client three years ago at a Crystal and Gem Show. I found her warm and strong in her energy and liked her immediately

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Holistic Counselling Case Study

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Appointment:-  Client made an appointment via the telephone with myself for holistic counselling and has asked me to advice her on the best treatment following the appointment. I explained we would go through the details and decide together what she feels comfortable with and what would help her the most. Client a 38 year old single parent has felt very depressed lately and has expressed how she suffers from bouts of loneliness

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