Colour Therapy For Headaches

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 Using colour therapy for headaches Colour Consultation Case study example Using Colour Therapy for headaches is just one of the many things that colour therapy is helpful with. Mr. W first came to me for a treatment to help with his bad back and he suffers with sleep apnoea due to being overweight. He said that he always feels tired and sluggish and frequently has headaches.  Before arriving I had asked

Colour Therapy Session

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Colour Treatment for client with low self-esteem and confidence issues. I first offered to treat Client with a Colour Therapy session after several conversations with her. She has been a friend for several years and struggles with confidence and low self-esteem. She has a volatile relationship with her family, doesn’t particularly enjoy work and has been searching for ‘the right man’ since her divorce 6 years ago. She became interested as

Colour Healing Consultation

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Case Study Background of the Client My client, aged 23 was first diagnosed with Bulimia Nervosa at the age of 11, she received CBT and DBT treatments and was receiving outpatient treatment until the age of 19, when she felt that she was able to cope with her eating disorder alone. She now considers herself recovered, and has a relatively normal relationship with food. However, she still experiences high levels of

Reiki & Colour Therapy Case Study

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Treatment Card My client is a 35 year old male working in the tourist industry in Barcelona. He came to me with a complaint of intermittent diarrhoea and constipation spanning over more than one week with no result from medication prescribed by his GP. While filling out a treatment card I discovered that my patient's eating habits hadn't changed or discoveries of any allergies which would warrant such a reaction. I also found out

Colour your life

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Color surrounds us all and can have a great effect on our health. Whether we are wearing the correct colors for us, eating the right colored foods or sleeping in a room of color that brings us a restful nights sleep or causes us more stress is up to us. We can all learn how to improve our wellbeing by learning colour therapy. Seasons and ColorDid you know that depending on what type