4th Chakra

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Colour: Green, pink and gold Element: Air Sense: Touch Symbols: 12 petalled lotus Associated Organs: Heart, upper back, lungs, thorax Associated Glands: Thymus gland which regulates growth and also controls the lymphatic system. Can also help with strengthening the immune system. Astrological signs and planets: Leo/Sun: Emotional warmth, generosity and sincerity Libra/Venus: Love, harmony, Contact Saturn: overcoming ego. Purpose and Function of 3rd Chakra This chakra is at the center of the entire

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Chakra and Aura Case study

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Chakra and Aura Consultation Details of  chakra treatment: Prior to Client’s treatment I washed my hands and then did an aura meditation to prepare myself. Breathing deeply and relaxing my mind and body. I imagined a cord of energy stretching deep down into the earth, connecting me with the earth. Once I made sure my energy was properly grounding. I released any unhealthy energies down through the cord to be transmuted

Chakra and Aura Healing – Case Study Example

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Before my client arrive I prepared by cleansing the room and the massage table to ensure no lingering energies were present.  I lit some candles and put on some music to create a nice relaxing atmosphere, made sure the treatment room was warm enough and got some pillows and a blanket prepared for my clients comfort.  I then spent some time grounding and protecting myself and cleansing my chakra crystals

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Crown Chakra – 7TH

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Colour: Violet, also white and gold Symbols: 1000 petalled lotusAssociated Part of the body:CerebrumAstrological signs and planets:Capricorn/Saturn; Pisces/Neptune.Purpose and Function of 7th ChakraThe crown charka glows in all colours but  the predominant colour is Violet.  and is often represented as hovering just above the head. The outer blossom of this chakra has 960 petals. Inside you will find a second blossom with 12 petals, glowing in a white light interspersed with gold. This is

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Sixth Chakra – Third Eye

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Colour: Indigo, also yellow or violet Sense: All senses including ESP.Symbols: 96 petalled lotusAssociated Organs: Face, eyes, ears, nose, central nervous systemAssociated Glands: PituitaryAstrological signs and planets:Mercury: rational thoughts, intellectual, Sagittarius/Jupiter: holistic thought, inner correlations. Aquarius/Uranus: Divinely inspired thought, higher knowledge. Pisces/Neptune: Imagination, intuition.Purpose and Function of 6th ChakraThis is the seat of our higher mental powers. On the physical plane it is the highest centre of command for the central-nervous system. Rational

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Chakra and Aura Treatment

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My client was a 36yr old female who was going through emotional turmoil as she had just discovered that her husband was having an affair. This reflected in the pendulum checks, and obviously why certain chakras were blocked.  Before commencing a treatment on a client, I set the scene for relaxation. I use a lighted sage herb to cleanse the room fanning all four corners of the walls. Lighted candles are placed around the

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5th Chakra

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Colour: Pale blue, also silver or greenish blueElement: EtherSense: HearingSymbols: 16 petalled lotusAssociated Organs: Neck, throat and jaw. Voice, trachea, bronchial tubes, ears, upper lungs, esophagus, arms.Associated Glands: Thyroid which plays an important part in the growth of the skeleton and inner organs. Astrological signs and planets:Gemini/Mercury: Communication and interchange of experience and knowledge.Mars: Self expressionTaurus/Venus: Feeling for form and spaceAquarius/Uranus: Inspiration, higher wisdom and independence.Purpose and Function of 5th ChakraThe throat chakra

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3rd Chakra

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Colour: Yellow to GoldenElement: FireSense: SightSymbols: 10- petalled lotusAssociated Organs: Lower back, digestive system, liver, spleen, gallbladder, abdomen, stomach, nervous system.Associated Glands: Pancreas (liver).Astrological signs and planets:Leo/Sun: Warmth, strength, abundance, power and social statusSagittarius/Jupiter: Affirmation of life experience, growth and expansion, wisdom, wholenessVirgo/Mercury: Conformity, selfless serving and direction.  Mars: Energy and activity, self assertion.Purpose and Function of 3rd ChakraThe solar plexus chakra represents our sun and our power center. Here we absorb

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The Second Chakra

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The 2nd Chakra Colour: Orange Element: Water Sense: Taste Symbols:  6 petalled lotus Associated Organs: Pelvic girdle, reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder. All liquids such as blood, lymph, gastric juices.  Associated Glands: Ovaries, prostrate gland, testicles. Astrological signs and planets: Cancer/Moon: Receptiveness and fertility. LIbra/Venus: Attention to ones self, creativity, sensuality. Scorpio/Pluto: sensual desires, transformation through giving up ones ego in sexual union. The second charka is also known as the spleen center. 

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Root Chakra

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The First ChakraColour: RedElement: EarthSense: SmellSymbols: 4 petaled lotusRelevant to the Associated Parts of the Body: All solid parts such as the spinal column, teeth, bones and nails. Associated Astrological Signs & PlanetsAries/Mars: New beginning, power to achieve and aggressiveness.Tauras: Closeness to earth, stability, possession, sensual pleasure. Scorpio/Pluto: Sexual power, transformation and renewal.Capricorn/Saturn: Stability and Structure. Ayurvedic Teaching: Primordial source of all life to the root chakra. Purpose and Function of Root ChakraThe root chakra

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