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Root Chakra

The Root Chakra & Meaning Learn more about the root chakra and what part of your body this effects Colour: Red Element: Earth Sense: Smell Symbols: 4 petaled lotus Relevant to the Associated Parts of the Body: All solid parts such as the spinal column, teeth, bones and nails.  Associated Astrological Signs & Planets Aries/Mars: …

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4th chakra

4th Chakra

Discover the meanings of the 4th Chakra Purpose and Function of 4th Chakra This chakra is at the center of the entire chakra system. It is through this chakra that we find the capability to empathize with others and attune ourselves with the cosmic vibrations.  The purpose of this chakra is to achieve perfect union …

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chakra and aura healing

Chakra and Aura Case study

Chakra and Aura Consultation Details of  chakra treatment: Prior to Client’s treatment I washed my hands and then did an aura meditation to prepare myself. Breathing deeply and relaxing my mind and body. I imagined a cord of energy stretching deep down into the earth, connecting me with the earth. Once I made sure my …

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Crown Chakra – 7TH

Colour: Violet, also white and gold Symbols: 1000 petalled lotus Associated Part of the body:Cerebrum Astrological signs and planets:Capricorn/Saturn; Pisces/Neptune. Purpose and Function of 7th ChakraThe crown charka glows in all colours but  the predominant colour is Violet.  and is often represented as hovering just above the head. The outer blossom of this chakra has 960 petals. Inside …

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Sixth Chakra – Third Eye

Colour: Indigo, also yellow or violet Sense: All senses including ESP.Symbols: 96 petalled lotus Associated Organs: Face, eyes, ears, nose, central nervous systemAssociated Glands: Pituitary Astrological signs and planets:Mercury: rational thoughts, intellectual, Sagittarius/Jupiter: holistic thought, inner correlations. Aquarius/Uranus: Divinely inspired thought, higher knowledge. Pisces/Neptune: Imagination, intuition. Purpose and Function of 6th ChakraThis is the seat of our …

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5th Chakra

Colour: Pale blue, also silver or greenish blueElement: EtherSense: HearingSymbols: 16 petalled lotus Associated Organs: Neck, throat and jaw. Voice, trachea, bronchial tubes, ears, upper lungs, esophagus, arms. Associated Glands: Thyroid which plays an important part in the growth of the skeleton and inner organs.  Astrological signs and planets:Gemini/Mercury: Communication and interchange of experience and knowledge.Mars: …

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3rd Chakra

Colour: Yellow to GoldenElement: FireSense: SightSymbols: 10- petalled lotus Associated Organs: Lower back, digestive system, liver, spleen, gallbladder, abdomen, stomach, nervous system. Associated Glands: Pancreas (liver). Astrological signs and planets:Leo/Sun: Warmth, strength, abundance, power and social statusSagittarius/Jupiter: Affirmation of life experience, growth and expansion, wisdom, wholenessVirgo/Mercury: Conformity, selfless serving and direction.  Mars: Energy and activity, self …

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