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Holistic and complementary therapies are all covered in this blog including case studies and articles. Luna Holistics is dedicated to offering a wide range of topics, case studies and information on complementary, spiritual and holistic therapies and well-being.

Tips and Ideas, Training Courses, How to get accredited, How to work as a professional Therapist, how to get holistic insurance cover and much more….

Crown Chakra – 7TH

Colour: Violet, also white and gold Symbols: 1000 petalled lotus Associated Part of the body:Cerebrum Astrological signs and planets:Capricorn/Saturn; Pisces/Neptune. Purpose and Function of 7th ChakraThe crown charka glows in all colours but  the predominant colour is Violet.  and is often represented as hovering just above the head. The outer blossom of this chakra has 960 petals. Inside …

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Sixth Chakra – Third Eye

Colour: Indigo, also yellow or violet Sense: All senses including ESP.Symbols: 96 petalled lotus Associated Organs: Face, eyes, ears, nose, central nervous systemAssociated Glands: Pituitary Astrological signs and planets:Mercury: rational thoughts, intellectual, Sagittarius/Jupiter: holistic thought, inner correlations. Aquarius/Uranus: Divinely inspired thought, higher knowledge. Pisces/Neptune: Imagination, intuition. Purpose and Function of 6th ChakraThis is the seat of our …

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Hot Stone Massage Treatment – Case Study

Case study of: (client age 53) Date:  (29 july 2014) Time started:    6pm                                  Time finished: 7.10pm Details of treatment Ensuring my treatment room was ready for my client and my personal hygine I burned some oils of lavender and geranium in my oil burner to set the tone and relax the client . I greeted …

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