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How Often Should You Get a Massage?

For many many years now, relaxation days have been synonymous with trips to the spa, in combination with many other pampering activities such as getting a blow dry, facial, manicure and pedicure, and it’s a no brainer why this is the case. After all, massages provide a lot of well-documented and thoroughly studied benefits.

best healing stones

10 Powerful Healing Stones and Crystals That Will Change Your Life

Discover the amazing benefits of these ten  crystals There are endless healing stones and crystals out there that can help bring peace and clarity into your life. As the Buddha once said, life is suffering, and the human journey as we know it is to proceed and venture through life being able to let that …

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How to use Mandalas for Meditation & Healing

Using Mandalas And Color in Healing and Meditation   Mandalas have gained in popularity over the last 10 years thanks to the revival of coloring books of adults in which they feature quite heavily. The coloring books are popular as a tool for mindfulness and so it makes sense that mandalas would be included. However, …

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