How to become a vegan or vegetarian

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Vegan and Vegetarian Case Study Introducing a client to a new vegan lifestyle About Me - I was born in 1982 December 24 in Nairobi- Kenya, growing up in the 80’s and early 90’s was straight forward. Everyone had a kitchen garden in our neighbor-hood, we farmed Kale which is known in Kiswahili (the local language) as Sukuma-wiki (translates to Push the week) because from Monday to Sunday it never

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Essential Crystals for Therapists

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Best Crystals for a healer? Your Guide to the top 7 healing stones Crystal Therapists If you are a crystal healer then the chances are you have your own favourite crystals and stones to work with. There are  however some crystals that are recommended to be part of every therapists tool kit.  And the following crystals fall into this category and with good reason:- No1 - Clear Quartz -  This is one

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Here’s How Healthy Sleep Habits Yield Improved Mental Wellness

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Many people are surprised to learn sleep habits are linked with mental health.  However, when you don’t get enough sleep, or the quality of your sleep is poor, your mind suffers.  Here is important information for improving your slumber and mental well-being at the same time. Sleep and mental health.  Let’s face it, in our on-the-go culture sleep is one of the first things many people

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Why should you charge your crystals on a full moon?

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How a full moon effects us and why you should charge your crystals We are coming up to a full moon once again, so does the full moon really effect people or is just a myth? If it does effect us, why? Well its true that during a full moon the tides are higher than usual and this is due to the gravitational pull from the sun and moon. I

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Tips to Ace Your Online Exams

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Ace Your Online Exams Online learning is becoming increasingly popular, according to the U.S. Department of Education, with 30% of the total student population taking part in an online course. While being an online student allows you to set your own pace of learning, it also puts a huge responsibility on your shoulders to do the best you can in terms of results. Learn how to reach your goals with the following

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4th Chakra

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Colour: Green, pink and gold Element: Air Sense: Touch Symbols: 12 petalled lotus Associated Organs: Heart, upper back, lungs, thorax Associated Glands: Thymus gland which regulates growth and also controls the lymphatic system. Can also help with strengthening the immune system. Astrological signs and planets: Leo/Sun: Emotional warmth, generosity and sincerity Libra/Venus: Love, harmony, Contact Saturn: overcoming ego. Purpose and Function of 3rd Chakra This chakra is at the center of the entire

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The Importance of Self-Care for Mental Health

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SELF CARE & MENTAL HEALTH What percentage of your day do you feel stressed? The American Psychological Association conducts annual surveys to evaluate Americans’ relationships with stress. The percentage of Americans experiencing at least one symptom of stress—nervousness/anxiousness, irritability/anger, and fatigue—each day increased to 75 percent in 2017. So if you’re among those worried about your work, finances, or family, you’re not alone.   When you find yourself feeling stressed, it’s

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How to use reflexology for stress relief & weight loss

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Reflexology case study How to use reflexology to help with stress and weight loss My client sat in a chair and I gave him some quartz water to drink while he was relaxing I made up a warm foot-bath and soaked his feet. Within the water were some clear quartz crystals, rose quartz, for self-love and for replacing negative energy with positive energy and citrine for

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Holistic Counselling for Panic Attacks

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Case Study Holistic Counselling Overcoming stress and panic attacks I started the session with an introduction, explaining who I was and what the session will entail, to make my client feel at ease. I sat opposite my client and made sure I had eye contact with her at all times. I asked my client open ended questions and we completed the consultation/treatment card to assess the

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Chromotherapy & Colour Affirmations Case Study

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Chromotherapy case study Treatment Card: Completed Physical Ailment: Anaemia Chosen course of treatment: Chromotherapy with Colour Affirmations and Meditations Pre-Session Consultation: Client arrived on time and completely dressed in Blue. She even chose to sit in the chair that was predominantly Blue during our consultation. This gave me the feeling of someone clinging to a security blanket as there was some hidden sadness within. When asked what colours she was drawn

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