cat animal healing case study example

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Details of treatment of Tabby Feline Cat: Social Background, Health History & Overview: Papi is a healthy three year old, male, [beautiful] gray tabby feline/cat with neon green eyes, a sweet and delicate disposition-almost feminine in nature. He was adopted as an 8 week old kitten, and joined a household with one other grown cat and two dogs. He eats both wet (fish) and dry food, and is given cat

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Holistic Counselling for High Stress Levels

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High Stress Case study using Holistic Counselling & Reiki Details of counselling consultation This case study offers insight from a holistic counsellors point of view and how to help a client suffering from great stress using a more holistic approach and offering practical and spiritual solutions.   I have received a client who asked for help and healing regarding to high level of stress she is feeling

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Colour Therapy for Grief

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Colour Therapy for client suffering from Grief related symptoms Case studies Client is a sixty-one-year-old female. She lost both parents four years ago within three months of each other and was suffering from Grief related symptoms. Client had divorced in 1987 and moved back home with her two children and reared them with the help of her parents. They were all very close and the deaths of her parents has

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Trying to be Vegan – but loving boiled eggs

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Help I just love my boiled Eggs I have now been trying to be vegan for nearly 3 months. I have not succeeded yet, as for the life in me I just cant seem to give up eggs. Although I have reduced my intake and ensure I only purchase from a local well run free range small farm holding, its just not something I am quite ready to give up

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Healing Power of Crystals

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Discover the Healing Power of Crystals In recent years, the healing power of crystals has become more and more popular for many different kinds of situations. There are hundreds of types of crystal healing processes to choose from, depending on the type of crystal healing you are looking for. The more common types of healing crystals used would be turquoise for all-round general goodness, amethyst for stress reduction, blue topaz

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Aromatherapy Massage and benefits

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Case study of Aromatherapy Massage and the benefits This is a genuine case study from one of our students whom is practising to become a professional certified therapist.  All our students once they have completed their course work and exams are eligible to join the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine if wishing to work as a professional therapist. Home visit – My client called me to book an appointment for

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Using Bach Flower remedies for Anxiety

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Flower Bach remedies consultation for Anxiety Initial consultation – My client is an old school friend who I’ve not seen for around ten years. She came to me after hearing about me doing the Bach flower course and wondered if i could help her. I asked her to take a seat and asked if she would like a coffee, tea or cold beverage (juice etc.). Because

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Trying to be Vegan – What products to buy

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Understanding which products to buy? Well having made quite a few mistakes within my first few weeks of trying to be vegan such as not carefully reading labels.... really difficult when you have to cope with tiny squidgy writing on labels and trying to A - understand what they actually mean and B - remembering not to forget your glasses when out shopping. Unsuitable products  I have found many products

Tip to create your own diet plan

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Use These Tools And Tips To Create Your Very Own Diet Plan It's the new year, and for many people that means that you're looking to manage your weight better. There's lots of reasons why you'd want to do this, from feeling better in yourself to wanting to run a marathon. Whatever the reason, it all starts in managing your diet. Here are the tips and tools you need in

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Bach Flower Remedies for Carers

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Using Bach Flower Remedies for Carers Case study of carer looking after someone with Parkinson's Disease CLIENT BACKGROUND:  My client is a 69 year old woman whose husband was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease over 1 year ago.  He is still able to reside in the home but is limited in some physical aspects of daily living.  Her physical health diagnosis includes blood clots n the left leg, not resulting in

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