Social Networking As A Tool For Teacher And Student Learning

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How to use Social Networking As A Tool For Teacher And Student Learning Students and teachers alike are very familiar with social networking sites. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter help people get together and share ideas, so of course you can use them in an educational environment. Here's how you can use social networks in education, and get everyone working together. Everyone Is Familiar With Social Networks It seems

Trying to be vegan, the first few weeks

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Why I am trying to be Vegan And can anyone do it and why would you want to? Well lets start with why I am even trying. I am 55 years of age and I have always been a meat and diary eater, eggs for breakfast, chicken or turkey sandwich for lunch and possibly a steak or more meat including in my evening meal.  I started my journey only recently

Healing Session with Crystals

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How to use Crystals Using crystals for a full chakra healing session I started out with a clearing technique using sage to clear out any negative energy and emotions that my client may have accumulated. I then rubbed the coconut fused with cinnamon bark oil on my clients’ chest, neck and temples to soothe the mind and aid in the releasing of any unwanted negative emotions.

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Hone Your Interpersonal Skills While Studying Online from Home

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Hone Your Interpersonal Skills While Studying Online from Home   Home study attracts students for various reasons - it cuts distance, saves time and allows you us to juggle work and study, in order to work in our desired profession. Although you will carry out most of your study in the privacy and solitude of your own home, don’t neglect one vital feature of any professional dealing in holistic, alternative and

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Why should you charge your crystals on a full moon?

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How a full moon effects us and why you should charge your crystals   We are coming up to a full moon once again, so does the full moon really effect people or is just a myth? If it does effect us, why? Well its true that during a full moon the tides are higher than usual and this is due to the gravitational pull from the sun and moon.

Meet your guardian angel

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How to meet your Guardian Angel My client wanted to know how to meet her angel. In this case study we discover how I was able to use Angel therapy to aid her in meeting her angel and discovering their name. I had my angelic alter prepared for my client, and we chose a time that was convenient for us both, and I informed her to

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Building an Angel Alter

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How to build an angel alter Alters - Many people are a little unsure what an actual angel alter is or why you should even have one. If you would like to make a deeper connection with your angels or guides then building an alter in a peaceful and calm area where you can sit in peace and quiet and where you will feel relaxed enough and calm enough to

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Celtic Cross Tarot Case Study

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Tarot Case Study - Celtic Cross My Client is a new neighbour of mine who I have had no more than two or three brief conversations with so I knew very little about her.  I knew only that she is a full time student and lives on her own with two young children. Before we began I went through the different tarot spreads I could do and asked Client if

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Holistic counselling for stress

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Counselling for stress issues Offering holistic counselling A Client initially called me for an holistic counselling appointment regarding stress which is related to issues due to work. Upon our first meeting he informed me that things had been very stressful for him as he is the sole breadwinner in his home and his job is not completely stable.

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Overcoming negative self talk – Life coaching

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  Life coaching session for negative self talk Details of Consultation: I began the session by thanking Client for coming along and taking part in my case study for life coaching. I explained exactly what my role as a life coach was and walked her through the various tools we would be using today. I introduced Client to the contract of respect, honesty, timing and confidentiality. The first thing we did