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Holistic and complementary therapies are all covered in this blog including case studies and articles. Luna Holistics is dedicated to offering a wide range of topics, case studies and information on complementary, spiritual and holistic therapies and well-being.

Tips and Ideas, Training Courses, How to get accredited, How to work as a professional Therapist, how to get holistic insurance cover and much more….

Animal Therapy for Schnauzer Dog with Arthritis

Case study of: (name and age of client) Molly – 8 year old Schnauzer Details of treatment: Background Molly is an 8 year old Miniature Schnauzer who suffers with separation anxiety and feels it’s her job to protect her loved ones from unknown threats. She barks excessively around the garden, and sometimes within the house …

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facial massage

3 Reasons To Use CBD In Massage Therapy

Does using CBD oil for massage work? In this stressful world, the build-up of impurities masks our natural health, happiness, and sense of well-being. These toxins result in the deterioration of normal body functioning. The blissful therapies, such as body massages not only restore the skin from within but relieve the pain, releasing the body …

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How to Keep Your Immune System Strong

How to Keep Your Immune System Strong? Irregular sleep schedules, excessive work pressure, stress and junk food affect our immunity and stamina. And low resistance opens up a pandora’s box of ailments for us. Your body is vulnerable to infections, viral attacks, and other illnesses. Something as simple as a common cold can escalate into …

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Why is green known as the colour of healing

Green – How this colour effects you The Colour Green has been associated with money, finances &  banking and also ambition, greed and of course jealousy. But this colour has many qualities and especially where healing is concerned. Learn how the colour green can effect you 

sacral chakra

The Second Chakra

The 2nd Chakra Colour: Orange Element: Water Sense: Taste Symbols:  6 petalled lotus Associated Organs: Pelvic girdle, reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder. All liquids such as blood, lymph, gastric juices.  Associated Glands: Ovaries, prostrate gland, testicles. Astrological signs and planets: Cancer/Moon: Receptiveness and fertility. LIbra/Venus: Attention to ones self, creativity, sensuality. Scorpio/Pluto: sensual desires, transformation through giving up …

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