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Meet your guardian angel

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How to meet your Guardian Angel My client wanted to know how to meet her angel. In this case study we discover how I was able to use Angel therapy to aid her in meeting her angel and discovering their name. I had my angelic alter prepared for my client, and we chose a time that was convenient for us both, and I informed her to

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Building an Angel Alter

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How to build an angel alter Alters - Many people are a little unsure what an actual angel alter is or why you should even have one. If you would like to make a deeper connection with your angels or guides then building an alter in a peaceful and calm area where you can sit in peace and quiet and where you will feel relaxed enough and calm enough to

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Angel healing case study for grief

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Using Angel Therapy for Grief Case study Example of Angel Therapy Treatment We have many students whom complete their case studies with confidence and compassion, however this particular case study is exceptional and I feel this could offer help to others whom may be suffering from the loss of someone dear and can see how an angel therapist can help with grief. This client also suffers from BiPolar so has others

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Advanced Angel Therapy Consultation

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Angel Therapy Case Study - for stress with caring for an elderly relative Completed by one of our students for the advanced angel therapy courseClient had contacted me regarding getting another treatment I asked her if she would be willing to try the angel therapy treatment and as agreed an appointment was made. Before Clients Arrival I arrived at my shop early to clear the energy.  I try to clear the

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Guardian Angels from Birth

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Did you know that your guardian angel is with your from the moment of birth. Some say even before. Their job is to offer you unconditional love and support, however no angel can ever interfere with your free will. By learning to communicate with your angel you can open up a whole new remarkable universe that works for you and that you can tap into any time. Imagine having all your

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