Opening the Heart Chakra

Health and Wellness Blog 1 October 2022

How to Open your Heart Chakra

Opening any of the chakras is a journey towards the Self. It is a holistic and gentle way of unfolding all the potential that you have within you as a human being. This is why chakra therapy is becoming more and more popular.The word therapy is derived from the Greek word “therapeia” the literal meaning to “assisting someone on his or her way”. Perfumes, gemstones, crystals, sounds and colour can all help us to open and balance our chakras. When you relieve a blockage in any chakra you could relive the experience or have the feeling again that caused the blockage in the first place. If working on the heart chakra this could literally mean reliving a broken heart again whilst undergoing the treatment. However the healing can be very powerful and necessary.

Heart Chakra Opening – Symptoms

When the blockages begin to dissolve you may feel a reaction for instance to laugh or cry and you should not at this stage suppress any emotion that you are feeling. This is part of the cleansing process and a natural and necessary part of naturally cleansing chakras. Your heart chakra is the centre of the entire chakra system and therefore this is where life and love opens us to the life of other people. By opening this chakra you ensure that other chakras remain open

Tools to open the Heart Chakra

There are many gentle therapies that can assist with the opening of chakras such as colour therapy also known as chromotherapy. Working with crystals known as crystal healing or crystal therapy. Reiki healing or any other form of energy healing such as EFT can also assist with chakra balancing. By merging our inner and outer senses with a particular vibration such as sound or a certain colour for instance, we can revitalize and stimulate the vibration of the corresponding chakra.

Rose Quartz – A very popular stone to use when working with the heart chakra.

Pendulum – A crystal pendulum is really helpful and can be used to sense when the chakra is open or closed.

Colour Scarves – A pink and or green colour therapy scarf can be used to lay over the heart chakra to balance the vibration.

Tibetan Singing Bowl – The vibration of singing bowls can have a very major and positive sound effect with all the chakras. You can alter the vibration  by adding water to the bowl.



Color Therapy Scarves




Healing crystals


Singing Bowls

Symptoms of a blocked heart chakra

Symptoms of a blocked heart chakra  can be very varied however below is a list of some of the symptoms that a blocked heart chakra maybe manifesting on a physical level. Should you feel you would like to unblock your heart chakra and allow more love into your life then try the meditation. Sit back, relax and ensure you will be undisturbed and prepare to feel great afterwards.

Weight Issues
Alcohol or drug dependent issues
Feeling Isolated or introverted
Selfish behaviour
Distrust of others
Mood swings


Chakra Courses

There are many therapists that work with the chakras and the majority of holistic and alternative courses will cover these topics. Below are a list of a few that will teach you how to balance and work with chakras. 



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