Trish Kershaw - Director of Luna Holistics which is dedicated to offering professional training courses for holistic and alternative therapists who may or may not want a career as a therapist. Our fully accredited and insurable courses are available worldwide and with a large variety of spiritual, holistic and complimentary therapy training to choose from.

Healing with Reiki

Healing Purposely with ReikiBy: Samantha HallReiki can be a powerful tool for personal growth and healing. The energy of Reiki originates from the ultimate spiritual source. As such, it creates only the best results. Reiki is used to heal the spirit, mind, and body. It is also used to guide one’s life. Use it to develop …

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Choosing Crystals

Choosing which crystal to use can seem quite a daunting task at first as there are just so many to choose from. Having a crystal guide book is essential if choosing crystals for healing as looking a crystal up for its properties before buying is helpful and you can then find which crystal is ideal …

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5th Chakra

Colour: Pale blue, also silver or greenish blueElement: EtherSense: HearingSymbols: 16 petalled lotus Associated Organs: Neck, throat and jaw. Voice, trachea, bronchial tubes, ears, upper lungs, esophagus, arms. Associated Glands: Thyroid which plays an important part in the growth of the skeleton and inner organs.  Astrological signs and planets:Gemini/Mercury: Communication and interchange of experience and knowledge.Mars: …

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3rd Chakra

Colour: Yellow to GoldenElement: FireSense: SightSymbols: 10- petalled lotus Associated Organs: Lower back, digestive system, liver, spleen, gallbladder, abdomen, stomach, nervous system. Associated Glands: Pancreas (liver). Astrological signs and planets:Leo/Sun: Warmth, strength, abundance, power and social statusSagittarius/Jupiter: Affirmation of life experience, growth and expansion, wisdom, wholenessVirgo/Mercury: Conformity, selfless serving and direction.  Mars: Energy and activity, self …

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Crystal Massage

Massage is suitable for everyone and has the following beneficial results. improves circulation calms the nervous system stimulates and tones skin improves muscle tone eases aches and pains in muscles and joints helps ease fluid retention It is also possible to use the following massage techniques on the aura. This is an energetically effective and …

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