Trish Kershaw - Director of Luna Holistics which is dedicated to offering professional training courses for holistic and alternative therapists who may or may not want a career as a therapist. Our fully accredited and insurable courses are available worldwide and with a large variety of spiritual, holistic and complimentary therapy training to choose from.

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Full moon names, rituals and tips

Full moon Names Many names have been given to full moons and depending whether you are following the Farmers Almanac’s or Native Americans you will find that the names given usually make sense for the time of year. January – Wolf Moon – Ice Moon January –  2022 The New Moon in Capricorn marks the beginning of a new cycle. It …

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Spiritual Tattoos – what they mean

Discover the Symbols And Meanings When you get a tattoo, the chances are that you want it to be something meaningful, and this often means a spiritual tattoo, something that represents your beliefs. Many people believe that tattoos can connect them more deeply to the spiritual realm.

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How Holistic Treatment Is Beneficial For Your Furry Friends?

What is Holistic Treatment? The term “holistic” refers to “dealing with the entirety of anything.” To embrace a holistic approach to health, then, means to treat the whole person, not only the physical, but also the mysterious, passionate, and ethical. For example, a holistic treatment approach might involve pain alleviation and addressing any underlying issues if …

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Health & Zodiac Signs: Healthy Hacks to Know

Health & Zodiac Signs – Lifestyle Habits to Adopt Based on Your Astrological Sign Holistic & Wellness Blog, Spiritual / By Trish / 19th October 2021 Your zodiac sign illustrates a cosmic self-portrait, illuminating how the positions of the stars and the planets can influence your relationships, personality, and appearance. As you dig deeper into …

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