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When is the Best time to drink water?

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Best time to drink water for your health Did you know that More than two-thirds of your body is water Water & Heart Attacks Although many people don't like to drink water before bedtime as they are worried it will have them up all night going to the loo. This is actually the best time to drink water to help avoid a night-time heart attack. 1 glass of water before

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How to Navigate a Career Change With Less Stress

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Career Change and tips for a good interview with no Stress Making a career change is exciting - you’re setting out on a new course in life that’s full of possibilities. But even when it’s a positive change, the process of switching careers and finding your fit can also be stressful. Using these strategies for self-care will help you stay focused on your goal and minimize stress while going through

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Giving up Alcohol – could you do it for 100 days

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What happens when you have not had alcohol for 100 days Today I am celebrating 100 days without any Alcohol. Having taken the lead from my daughter whom inspired me to follow her in her own journey of ditching the drink and seeing the positive effects it has on both mood, health, and spiritual development it was a journey I was both nervous but excited to take.

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Cupping Therapy and How it works

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Cupping Therapy Case study Learn how cupping therapy works Initial Client Consultation - Client presenting with constant dull ache in right shoulder. Prior to session I had the client (currently under my care for holistic lifestyle coaching) fill out a health appraisal questionnaire (HAQ) which detailed any previous injury, treatments received, significant stressors – past & present as well as a nutritional overview. Emotional Factors for cupping requirements - Client’s

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Energy Healing 

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Types of Energy Healing Understand the different and vaired types of healing that come under the umbrella of Energy healing. All healing interactions, have three possible components and this includes orthodox medicine. PHYSICAL HEALING The first is a physical technique. Interacting with the physical body to encourage natural healing. For example,using a splint or plaster for a broken bone whilst waiting for it to set so that is may heal in the correct

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4 Natural Remedies to Sleep

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Best Sleep Remedies More than a third of American adults are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis according to a study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC). See our sleep tips: Sleep Deprivation, in the short term, can negatively impact our mood, judgement, and ability to learn and retain information. Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease,

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How to close your Chakras

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Closing Chakras If you have had a hard day or having been doing some therapy work then its important to close down your own chakras. When the task for which you have prepared is over, such as a aura or chakra cleansing for instance, then it is important to ensure that the chakras are then closed. The chakras open as we 'give out' or 'receive' energy and we must remember

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how to practice reiki level 1

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How to carry out & practice a full Reiki Treatment & Consultation How to practice Reiki Preparation of Room before client arrival How to practice Reiki.  This case study goes through a complete reiki treatment and shows you how to use all the correct hand positions and the feelings that reiki brings to both the therapist and the client. Before my client arrived, I made it

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Building a Crystal Healing Kit

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When you first start to work with crystals you will want to have a basic healing kit that you can add to overtime. It is advisable to try and collect a wide variety of tumbled stones, crystals and minerals. Below is an ideal starter kit. Ideal Starter Crystal Healing Kit  Aprox 12 small to medium clear quartz crystals 3 to 4 crystals each including Amethyst, Smoky Quartz and Citrine Massage

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Top 5 Detox Oils

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Detox Essential Oils In need of  detox? Try these Tips New Year. This is often the time when we reflect on the year ahead and there will be thousands of us whom decide to get fit, lose weight, stop drinking and break bad habits. With this in mind and trying to detox the healthy way I have put together what I think are the top 5 detox oils to help

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