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Astrology Professional Diploma Course 

Western & Vedic Astrology

Astrology uses the information gained from astronomy, such as the paths of planets and the phases of the moon, to gain insight into our lives on earth. Underlying the practice of astrology is the idea that the movements and behaviours of celestial bodies can influence events on earth.

There are many different types of astrology, which all come from different traditions around the world. In this course, we’re mostly going to focus on Western and Vedic astrology. You will also learn how to create a chart for yourself and clients.

This fully certified and accredited astrology distance learning course is perfect for either complete beginners to the subject of astrology or for those whom have an interest and knowledge in horoscopes and western and Vedic astrology.

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Additional Information

Part 1: Introduction to astrology

Lesson 1 What is astrology?

  • Astrology vs. Astronomy
  • Ancient history of astrology
  • Modern history of astrology
  • Types of astrology

Lesson 2  Important concepts in Western astrology

  • The zodiac and signs
  • Planets
  • Houses
  • Aspects

Lesson 3 Important concepts in Vedic astrology

  • The zodiac and signs
  • Planets
  • Planetary periods
  • Lunar mansions
  • Houses
  • Aspects
  • Transitions

Part 2  Birth charts

Lesson 4  What are birth charts?

  • Do birth charts fix your destiny?
  • Western birth charts
  • Vedic birth charts

Lesson 5 Your Western birth chart

  • Creating your Western birth chart
  • Reading your Western birth chart
  • Interpreting your Western birth chart

Lesson 6  Your Vedic birth chart

  • Creating your Vedic birth chart
  • Reading your Vedic birth chart
  • Interpreting your Vedic birth chart

Part 3 Horoscopes

Lesson 7  Information needed for horoscopes

  • Daily horoscopes – the Moon
  • Monthly horoscopes – Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Sun
  • Yearly horoscopes – Saturn, Jupiter
  • Long term horoscopes – Pluto, Neptune, Uranus

Lesson 8  Creating horoscopes

  • Creating daily horoscopes
  • Creating monthly horoscopes
  • Creating yearly horoscopes
  • Creating long term horoscopes

Lesson 9  Presenting horoscopes

  • Interpreting horoscopes
  • Writing horoscopes professionally

Part 4  Case studies

  • A Western birth chart
  • A Vedic birth chart
  • A Western daily horoscope