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Advanced Angel Therapy Course

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Advanced Angel Therapy Course

Advanced Angel Therapy Course

Healing with Angels Certified Practitioner Course

Advanced angel therapy training courses, angelic magik, spiritual development and how to communicate with angels
In this advanced angel therapy course we will take a more in-depth look at how we can invite angels into our lives. The advanced level is recommended for those whom have already undertaken the angel foundation certificate course or have a basic knowledge of angels and would like to work as a certified Angel Practitioner.

Course includes some of the following topics:-

  • Brief History & Comprehensive look at angelic hierarchy.
  • Learn how to connect and open yourself up to angels on a daily basis.
  • How to create your own sacred space
  • Develop your intuition
  • Have a better communication with your angels and guides
  • Archangels and their specific responsibilities
  • Spiritual growth and enhancing psychic abilities
  • Learn about Angel Magik and the tools required
  • How to perform rituals to invoke your angels

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Approx study hours – 40-60hrs
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