Have you had an Energy Healing Treatment?

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Energy Healing Consultation Case study offering client energy healing I work in a busy clinic as a remedial massage therapist and so already have a suitable tranquil  room to work in with soothing instrumental music playing in the background. My hair is neatly tied back, my hands and wrists are free of jewellery and I wear loose fitting trousers and a clean white T-shirt.   I greet my client in a

Preparation for Hot Stone Massage

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Details of hot stone massage treatment Preparation and hot stone consultation and treatment Client - Female aged 26 Treatment of 26 year old female with hot basal stones and using olive oil as a carrier oil. Client has no skin complications, circulatory problems and is in good health on treatment day. Treatment room already prepared before clients’ arrival. Preparation 10 min : I prepared the basic hot stone massage therapy equipment

Testimonial 8

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Animal Healing I absolutely LOVE Luna Holistics. All of their certification courses are full of valuable information for the student. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to learn take a Luna Holistics course. Michelle Fields – USA

Crystal Testimonial

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Crystal Healing Very informative and thorough. Excellently written and really well layed out. Covers all aspects of crystal healing. Full of interest and knowledge. Ideal for the wannabee crystal Therapist! Many thanks xx RACHEL EMMA DWANE – Derbyshire – UK

Moving house with Pets

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How to help your pets when moving home case study example Cain - 4 year old male pit bull mix Ali - 3 year old - doberman mix Details of treatment: Cain is a 4 year old male pit bull and hound dog mix. Ali is a 3 year old doberman mix. Cain, Ali and their owners were moving over 1300 miles to a new home. Their family includes 2 adults,