Month: May 2016

Using Colour Therapy

colour therapy chart

COLOUR THERAPY CASE STUDY This client has multiple health issues including PTSD, Diabetes, severe depression, Hypothyroidism, bad bones and joints, food allergies, and gastric issues. He suffers from lack of sleep due to night terrors and has Sleep Apnea.

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Case Study – Life Coaching

life coaching

Life Coaching Session Case Study Using Vak – Sun Dial and Steppa I started the session by thanking S.R. for coming along and taking part in a Case Study for Life Coach. Explaining Life Coaching identifies areas for change, brainstorm

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Chakra and Aura Case study

chakra and aura healing

Chakra and Aura Consultation Details of  chakra treatment: Prior to Client’s treatment I washed my hands and then did an aura meditation to prepare myself. Breathing deeply and relaxing my mind and body. I imagined a cord of energy stretching

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Courses Available from Luna Holistics

sample luna holistics qualification

Accredited Courses We have an extensive list of courses that are available for home study. All qualifications are included on successful completion of your exam. Some courses do have a pre-requisite and this should be taken in mind when ordering.

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Six Benefits of Yoga

benefits of yoga

Benefits of Yoga 6 things that Yoga can help with   The Benefits of yoga through meditation works remarkably to achieve harmony and helps the mind work in synchronization with the body. How often do we find that we are

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