Testimonial 2

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Indian Head Massage I found this course very easy and informative. I work in a hair salon and constantly give head massages to finish off after shampooing. Clients have told me that I have good hands and should take a course doing head massages. I searched the internet and found this course site. Since taking this course my head massages have become better and better. I am very pleased with this

Testimonial 1

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Colour Therapy Anyone who wants to work in Holistic Health and Modalities needs to start with Luna Holistic. Each course is presented as part of a whole and they all work together. The beauty is you can mix them up (as opposed to taking a set curriculum) and tailor them to your specialty. As a Professional Organizer, I now have the benefit of offering Colour Therapy my latest course. I will

Advanced Angel Therapy Consultation

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Angel Therapy Case Study - for stress with caring for an elderly relative Completed by one of our students for the advanced angel therapy courseClient had contacted me regarding getting another treatment I asked her if she would be willing to try the angel therapy treatment and as agreed an appointment was made. Before Clients Arrival I arrived at my shop early to clear the energy.  I try to clear the