Holistic Counselling Case Study

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Appointment:-  Client made an appointment via the telephone with myself for holistic counselling and has asked me to advice her on the best treatment following the appointment. I explained we would go through the details and decide together what she feels comfortable with and what would help her the most. Client a 38 year old single parent has felt very depressed lately and has expressed how she suffers from bouts of loneliness

Reiki to Relieve Back Pain

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Self preparation - Reiki Case StudyI ground myself and use a Kanji 1 hand position to allow myself to receive guidance and allow energy to flow through my chakras, wash my hands to illuminate cross contamination and also to remove any negative energy.I have for a few years studied and practised different forms of holistic health therapies, Crystal healing, aromatherapy, Reflexology, massage.Depending on the clients needs, I would sometimes incorporate some

Colour Therapy Session

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Colour Treatment for client with low self-esteem and confidence issues. I first offered to treat Client with a Colour Therapy session after several conversations with her. She has been a friend for several years and struggles with confidence and low self-esteem. She has a volatile relationship with her family, doesn’t particularly enjoy work and has been searching for ‘the right man’ since her divorce 6 years ago. She became interested as