NLP Consultation – fear of failure

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This case study was written by one of our students whom as you can see has a good grasp of this subject and undertook a very concise case study.​ Details of treatment Assist Client with his fear of failure and feeling stuck.. Remove negative thought patterns to align levels to a good baseline state. Attain positive well-formed outcomes. The client has no medical issues. - Client Consultation Card completed. My

Can you offer Counselling?

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Life Coaching Case Study My client has previously come to me for tarot readings having been in a complicated love situation for many years, she set up her own business offering tarot readings a couple of years ago but is still struggling to get it off the ground. The purpose for her session today was to try and put some manageable goals in place. She often finds that the emotional situation she

Palmistry Case Study Example

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Female Aged Approx 35years The first thing to observe with this client is that the hand is offered straight with the thumb away from the fingers, this shows that the individual is friendly and happy for their palm to be viewed. Fingers are spread out showing they are generous and receptive. Air Hand The Air Hand is known as the intellectual hand and has a square palm with longer fingers. All