Reflexology  Consultation

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This is a client wanting a relaxation for an hour on both feet and hands. I prepare for my early morning appointment at 10:30 am.  Therefore, I am well groomed and make sure my hair is up and my clothing is appropriate and my nails are filed down so that I do not have any sharp hangnails. I like to arrive early so to make sure everything is cleaned and ready

Developing Psychic Skills

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For the past 18 months I have been working in a holistic centre close to my home. Before working there I had no psychic abilities & I knew nothing of the angel, auras, chakras or anything else that came with the spiritual word. I kind of thought the ladies in there were a bit crazy to be honest – seeing angels, talking to their crystals, & smudging the negative energies away,

Reiki Colour Therapy Case Study

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Treatment Card My client is a 35 year old male working in the tourist industry in Barcelona. He came to me with a complaint of intermittent diarrhoea and constipation spanning over more than one week with no result from medication prescribed by his GP. While filling out a treatment card I discovered that my patient's eating habits hadn't changed or discoveries of any allergies which would warrant such a reaction. I also found

Crystal Healing Consultation

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 I have been using crystals for a long time for my own use and In my treatments. I first bought a clear quartz, rose quartz & and an amethyst pendulum which I use daily. The more I have learnt about crystals the more I love them & the bigger my collection has become. when looking to buy my crystals I only look to buy the ones I am drawn to. Example