Charging Crystals

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Charging and Dedicating Stones and CrystalsThe most important to remember when charging your stones and crystals is to clearly visualise your intent. See, in your mind, what you want; focus on your goal. Ideally you will use the same or a similar visualisation during the spell or ritual to reinforce your intent.Hold the stone or crystal in your projective hand (the hand which you use to send out and direct energy)

Why Study Feng Shui?

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We have many students worldwide whom have studied our Feng Shui diploma course and below is what one of our students had to say about the dramatic changes that had occurred since implementing Feng Shui principles in her home. Feng ShuiI have enjoyed this course very much, my own home is looking and feeling much better as is my daughter’s whom I did this case study for.  My daughter (whom I did